Hornets and Pacers trade idea

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Hornets and Pacers trade idea

Danny Granger and DJ Augustin for Greivis Vasquez, Al-Farouq Aminu, and a 2nd round pick


PG: Greivis Vasquez/ George Hill

SG: Lance Stephenson/ Gerald Green

SF: Paul George/ Al-Faroup Aminu

PF: David West/ Tyler Hansbrought

C: Roy Hibbert/ Ian Mahinmi


PG: Austin Rivers/ DJ Augustin

SG: Eric Gordon/ Roger Mason

SF: Danny Granger/ Xavier Henry

PF: Anthony Davis/ Ryan Anderson

C: Robin Lopez/ Jason Smith

The Hornets can draft another PG if Austin Rivers and Eric Gordon can't workout

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Austin Rivers is not a point

Austin Rivers is not a point guard. Sorry to be that guy.

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As you said Rivers isn't a

As you said Rivers isn't a point guard whatsoever. Rivers seems like he should've stayed in college because he's been struggling in embarrassing fashion.

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I don't know, Granger coming

I don't know, Granger coming off an injury and the way Vasquez has been balling it seems improbable. Plus I don't think Rivers is ready to man the point yet.

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The thought of Austin Rivers

The thought of Austin Rivers playing point guard is giving me nightmares.

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What PG in this draft would

What PG in this draft would you take that would be doing what Vazquez is doing?

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Hornets wouldnt want danny

Hornets wouldnt want danny granger, he is a ball stopper on offense and a below par defender, they already have Eric gordon as a primary scoring option, and granger shoots sub 45% the past 2-3 seasons, which isnt good enough to be a complimentary piece. He requires a large volume of shots to be effective, they dont require that, Aminu fits the system as it is, he can play d and run out on the breaks, while he isnt a top flight small foward, he fits the bill better then granger as the hornets roster stand now

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Trade for the sake of making a trade....Vasquez is having a great year....Rivers is shooting below 40% and definitely should have stayed in school except for reading his press clippings

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The Hornets have no need for

The Hornets have no need for Grainger as they have a few SF options and the Pacers taking Aminu is pointless if he is stuck behind Paul George.

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Trade idea threads

When i looked at the thread title. I set the over/under for -5 points and took the under. I win.

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