Hinrich Trade

Since free agency is practically over and we didn't sign two big free agents like we hoped to do, was the Hinrich trade a good one? Sure we got rid of his contract but he was a reliable backup PG/SG with some range and we had to give away the 17th pick to do so, which we could have used on a young SG with potential.

Which would you rather have? (Personally I cant decide there are pros and cons to each)

Hinrich and the 17th (Most likely James Anderson or Avery Bradley) at a combined $10 million
Korver and Brewer at a combined $9 million

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Hinrich Trade

Korver doesn't miss and Brewer is a very underrated athlete/perimeter defender. Korver can be on the floor with Rose and Brewer when they want to play small. They went for a prize and missed but I like what they did to save face. Bradley is a defender with a high motor. He really needs to improve his ball handling skills but he is a little warrior. Anderson really improved and went to a perfect team for his talents. On the other hand I love Hinrich in Washington... People are sleeping if they think that backcourt won't work out. Arenas can still play and does get the fact that this is his last chance. John Wall is a good kid he would play with anyone beside him but he seems really genuine about playing with Gilbert. If it does or doesn't work out they have Hinrich. It will work I promise that! Kevin Seraphin seemed like a perfect Bulls draft choice( overseas off of the books). He looks like he will be a decent 4man in a couple of years.

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I'm neutral about the deal

Hinrich was tough and proven to be a good team mate and fit next to Rose...the 17th pick would have gotten them Lance Stephenson...They would had Boozer and Lance with Kirk playing the role of 3rd guard...He's a tough ass dude and they'll miss that...Korver is a great shooter...but he should have been their MLE signing'm on the side that thinks they should have kept Hinrich and the Pick...Signed Boozer and tried to sign Kover for the MLE...Brewer would have been off the radar at the point...But Lance could be better than him sooo...It would have worked out....
Rose-Lance(17th pick)-Deng-Boozer-Noah-Hinrich-Gibson-Korver(MLE) Ja.Johnson

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A few interesting free agents

A few interesting free agents remain but rosters are close to what they’ll be on opening night (less those trying out on non-guaranteed contracts).

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