Higgins, Turner, Gaffney

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Higgins, Turner, Gaffney

Hey I was just wondering if anybody knew anything about these 3 guys, I haven't seen any reliable scouting reports for them:

Cory Higgins
Evan Turner
Tony Gaffney

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Evan turner is a versatile all around player with smooth, but deceptive athletic abilities and he is a more than decent shooter and scorer on the move. He can create his own shots because he has a nice handle. He will be a starter in the NBA eventually because he is good at everything. He just has to improve his strength to reach the next level of potential he has. He plays alot like brandon roy. Cory higgins is the guy from colorado but he isnt a real NBA prospect because he is way undersized and he probably wont be able to do anything on the NBA level. He is a decent rebounder and scorer on the college level but he isnt that good a defender in the big 12. And Gaffney is the also way undersized low post defender for umass. He averages 12 ppg, 4 blocks a game and about 11 rebounds. He's like 6'8 205 so hes not likely to translate to the NBA but in low major college basketball he's a defensive stalwart. He wont be and NBA player but he may be a EuroLeague or D league player if he gains about 20 pounds without losing too much athletic ability.

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