hi brothers college players and teams topic

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hi brothers college players and teams topic

In this topic i want your personal opinions on who is the most underrated, overrated and player you enjoy most to watch and that kind of player your where expecting the most but then he was not that good or the player you where suprised about his play, about the teams most overrated, underrated or neither or the most suprising team in a good way and in a bad way...

Underrated- Shane Larkin

Overrated- Shabazz

Player i really enjoy to watch is Doug Mcdermott, the guy is a good shooter, have a nice BBall IQ, nice rebounder, efficient and he is crafty.

Player i was expecting the most- Cody Zeller he is not playing that bad, but he have the skill to be great, i was expecting to see more from him but the truth is stat wise he is better than last year only his FG% is lower and Tony Mitchell

Player that surprised me- Michael Carter Williams, yep he is not a good shooter and he is TO prone but i really enjoy watching him play the point and he have a really nice all around game and Victor Oladipo

Overrated team- Kentucky

Underrated team- Miami

Surprising team good way- Michigan, Miami, Michigan state, Oregon, Wichita State and Florida Gulf Coast

Surprising team bad way- Kentucky and UCLA

now your opinions

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overrated -

overrated - kentucky
overrated tournament team - gonzaga

underrated - arizona

good surprising team - florida gulf coast hands down

surprising player - arsalan kazemi

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