Heytvelt first round?

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Heytvelt first round?

The Cleveland Cavs have a need for bigs and are expected to go big with the 30th pick, last in the first round. Many mocks I have seen have them selecting players such as Taj Gibson, Jeff Pendergraph, or Derrick Brown. I was wondering if anyone thinks Josh Heytvelt has a chance to go number 30 to Cleveland. Of the 4 players, Heytvelt is the biggest. He is highly athletic and quick for his size. He has a solid shot and is great at the pick and pop (ran often in the Mark Few system at Gonzaga). I can see him developing into a solid big man in the league, and may be the big man that gives Lebron his best opportunity at a championship. Does anyone else agree with me??

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no...he sucks!!watch Kings workout...

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no, Taj Gibson would be a

no, Taj Gibson would be a better player to take at that point in the first round. Much better rebounder, and bigger and more forceful in the post

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Be real

Taj Gibson is not bigger than Heytvelt. He is a better rebounder though, but he isnt as talented on offense nor does he defend on the perimeter without reaching or have the ability to in future like Heytvelt. He would fit good in the NBA

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Heytvelt - possible first rounder

My over / under for Heytvelt as a first-rounder is 12%. The first poster covered his strengths pretty well. There is better European talent at the tail end of the 1st round (Jerebko/Claver), so it may allow the chance for American-based players to be drafted earlier than anticipated (since Euro players prefer to be taken in the 2nd round).

I actually have the Cavs taking Gibson there for that reason. Gibson is a better defender and has a stronger interior game.

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who's heytvelt, dun dun

who's heytvelt, dun dun dun

get this man a biscuit!
take me off the hosueeeeeeeeeeeee yeee yee take of the hosueeeeeeeeeee yeee ye
tbpark that's rite

ok but seriously who's Heytvelt, never heard of him. I kno who Gibson is though, don't like him much 4 the Cavs, i like a JJ hickson breakout.

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Is a great player and would be able to guard Lewis and Dwight and he has nice three point shot to bring howard out

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the only way josh goes to cleveland is if the caveliers agree to let him sell shrooms! one the side, and put up with a couple of his crazy trips!

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