Henderson vs DeMar

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Henderson vs DeMar

Does anyone really think any team who choose Gerald Henderson over Demar DeRozan????I am a Duke fan even and I cant see it. I think Gerald will be a terific role player with the tough D and hustle, but I just cant see him dominating the next level like DeMar COULD. Is this a case for you should draft Gerald just cause you will know what you are gonna get from him rather than DeMar who is gonna be a big hit or miss?I think Gerald is one of the most for sure prospects in this draft as far as panning out I cant see him reallly flopping I just dont see him being a superstar.

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I know I wouldn't take him

I know I wouldn't take him over Demar. He is just too average, he is like a more athletic, little worse defending Dahntey Jones. Demar could be better then Vince or worse then Gerald Green. Even if Derozan flops you can still find plenty of people like or better then Henderson in the FA anyway. So Why not gamble?

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I am also a duke fan, and I think that he could end up being a pretty good NBA player. What people forget when comparing Henderson to Jones is that Henderson has a much more advanced offensive game, and a very effective mid range jumper, which i feel will translate well to the NBA. I feel like in his prime, Henderson will able to contribute 15-17 ppg, along with maybe 5 rebounds and a block and a steal per game. While don't think he will ever be a star, I think he could end up being a very effective complimentary player.

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i think hendeson

falls to the bobcats at 12

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hard choice

i mean i think it all comes down to who the team is and if they can afford to wait for derozan to develop. If u are drafting for right now i would take henderson in a heartbeat. but if u are drafting for a rebuilding team and a wat could be like maybe indiana then i would go with derozan. It's worth the wait if u have a couple years 2 spare

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