Help Please

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Help Please

I just am tore on this Mock Draft. I have the number two pick being Hasheem Thabeet, but I honestly think it'll be Rubio and then traded to Sac for ???. If he is the second pick then OKC can go with Harden or Thabeet which creates more problems because if they take Thabeet then Sac will take ??? Harden or Hill? They have the 2 guard filled as well as the 4 spot and Memphis won't take Harden because they have Mayo playing the 2 and Gay at the SF so will they want Hill and bench Arthur...I'm just trying to clear it all up so what I just said will go something like. Memphis drafts Rubio. OKC takes Thabeet. Sac takes Hill. Rubio traded for Hill. Does it sound like it can happen? AND if that happens then how far does Harden fall? Will the Wiz take him then...PG Arenas, SG Harden, SF Butler, PF Jamison C Haywood.

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It is impossible to predict

It is impossible to predict but I would think Memphis does draft Rubio & trades him to the Kings. Okl City will draft Thabeet. The Kings will draft either Harden, Hill, or Evans and send the pick to Memphis. Personally I think Memphis wants Evans.

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Rubio second

Rubio will simply go 2nd because Memphis needs a good PG (no offense to Mike Conley)

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stop hating on money mike!

in the last 43 games of the year conley started (besides the march 4th at LAC because he left after a minute and a half with an injury) his averages were 14.2pts 4reb 5.7 ast 1.5stl 1.5 3PM. thats pretty solid for being 4th option on a team that its wing players need to have the ball in order to create and score for themselves. plus, that was his 2nd year in the league!!!! give him a chance....take thabeet

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the first five you named are

the first five you named are the same as my mock right now. so i agree with you

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