Hed Turkoglu

Should Bulls attempt to sign him as free agent? I say yes. If they give him same money they will pay Gordon, they have a bettter rotation. Hedo can shoot and pass. He would team well upfront with Tyrus Thomas. Bulls could draft a big guard like Ellington and not have the mismatch problems they have with Gordon. Lineup would be Rose, Ellington, Deng, Thomas and Noah. Hinrich, Salmons, Miller and pick 26 would come off bench. I think this makes us a better team and costs no more money than re-signing Gordon. If Hedo wants more money than Be, forget about it. What do you think?

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I don't think it's going to happen.

because of the money he will be asking for. I think he will at least be making $10 per year and that is too much, considering the Bulls are already paying another SF, Luol Deng, that much

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Let the record show that, a

Let the record show that, a year ago, I picked the Utah Jazz as the team most likely to post the worst record of the lockout-shortened season, and they ended up making the playoffs. So these are, of course, just educated guesses that could just as easily be wrong. It’s easy to say that L.A., OKC, and Miami will be the best teams next year, but picking the worst is a much tougher job. Orlando, however, seems like as good a guess as any team.

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