Heat vs Thunder match up

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Heat vs Thunder match up

who will win in their match up tomorrow night

Lebron James vs Kevin Durant- Lebron James

Dwyane Wade vs Russell Westbrook- Russell Westbrook

Chris Bosh vs Serge Ibaka- Serge Ibaka

Joel Anthony vs Kendrick Perkins- Joel Anthony

Mario Chalmers vs Derek Fisher- Mario Chalmers

Shane Battier vs James Harden- James Harden

Udonis Haslem vs Nick Collison- Udonis Haslem

Who will win the game? Heat... 105 to 98

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I'm feeling Lebron and Durant

I'm feeling Lebron and Durant both having monster games but maybe a Westbrook game winner for the Thunder.

Thunder: 104-102

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Roberts’ play caught the eye

Roberts’ play caught the eye of New Orleans Hornets officials and he was invited to play on the club’s summer league team this past summer. When Hornets lottery pick Austin Rivers went down to injury during summer league play, Roberts filled in admirably and the team signed him to a two-year deal.

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It is going to be tough for

It is going to be tough for Ross to crack Casey’s rotation early on and the rookie will probably have to prove his worth in practice and during those occasional blowout games when playing him will not affect the outcome. It is not a lack of talent that will be holding him back as nearly everyone acknowledges the kid’s potential, but Casey is in the business of winning games this season and Ross will have to earn his coach’s confidence in order to get meaningful minutes.

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