Heat & Spoelstra

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Heat & Spoelstra

Earlier in the season there was a post asking what the Heat needed. my response was nothing all they need is heart.

Prior to the start of the season wade, James and Bosh were considered by many as all top 10 players. after a while the gloss did come off Bosh to some Degree.

Alot of the responses were the obvious, center and point. There was a fair belief also that they needed a Pat Riley on the side lines.

While the Heat have had their struggles this season I think it is time to give Eric Spoelstra some of the credit he deserves.

He has taken on the challenge of taking three guys who haven't often been a second option, the only one who has is Wade in the Shaq era.

Through out the season the Heat have copped crtocism, played poorly at times and looked nothing like a champion team.

While team chemistry issues have been genuine, I beleive that Spoelstra has had us fooled. After seeing what this team has done to the Celtics, Chicago and now have begun to do to Dallas I am of the opinion that while he may have been concerned oover some chemistry issues and voids at centre and point he knew what he was doing.

I think the regular season he knew the big three would get him to the playoffs with a decent record, and he has used this knowledge to break it down tactically into an 82 game competative practice session.

He has got his team working together and playing their finest basketball of the year at the perfect time.

Now I know his team still has to win 3 games, but two weeks ago I wouldn't have given him a second thought for coach of the yeare. After seeing what Miami have done to the Bulls and have done to Dallas in game 1 of the NBA Finals I am starting to think coach of the year was handed out prematurely.

Oh and the consensus through history is that centre and point guard are the 2 most important important positions to win an NBA championship. With all due respect to Bibby's career he has one of the least affective starting point guards in the league and doesn't have a centre remotely close to winning his position on any given night.

I believe, if I'm not mistaken the last coach to win a title with that much weakness at centre and point was Phil Jackson and I believe these two positions are even weaker in the current Heat line-up.

While life is alot easier when you have three players the caliber of Wade, James and BoshI beleive that how Miami is performing at the right time is a massive plus on the resume of Eric Spoelstra

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