Heat -Pistons SL game thoughts

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Heat -Pistons SL game thoughts

That was actually a very good game to watch. Here is my impression from the game. From the pistons standpoint, Peyton looks like he may make the roster. He finished with 9 points and 9 assist. He shown that he is a legit floor general and can run a offense. He just needs to get a jumpshot. He sprained his ankle with around 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter. He played good defense, although he needs to be quit making so many gambles on defense. Finally, he and Andre drummond established a good chemistry on the court, setting him up with lobs and did a good job getting in the lane and finishing as dishing. KCP, had a solid game of 15 poits. He shown that he can is more than a shooter, and received his point from the line, put back and shooting 3's. Played solid defense. Finally, Drummond looked good. I know earlier this week, I was talking about how drummond needs to learn how to actually back his opponents down , and not keep fading away from the basket. Well, he did just that. It looks like Sheed may have helped him out with that. I think he starting to realize his power and his ability to bully his players down low. eventhough he did that he was unable to connect on a few. None the less, he had some nasty dunks downlow, and as usual he played good defense. The more I watch him play, right now his game play is similar to Alonzo Mourning (minus Zo's patent hookshot) but overall nice to see Drummond showing his back to the basket moves, and he should continue to improve under the guidance of sheed. He just have to cut down on his TO and fouls.

Miami had some strong point as well. Jarvis Varnado had a good defensive effort throughout the game especially with a big block on drummond earlier in the game. He should be on the roster when the season starts. Clark, look impressive as well as a scoring guard. If he doesn't get picked up by miami then, im sure another team will pick him up. Same go for Kim English for Detroit, he will fill fit in nice with another team if he doesn't make detroit, which I doubt due he does to the fact the pistons are at the max for players on the team and have enough guards.

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peytonsiva isnt making the

peytonsiva isnt making the roster after signing chauncy.

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