Hawks v. Clippers Summer League Thoughts

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Hawks v. Clippers Summer League Thoughts


Dennis Schroeder has nice upside. He doesn’t really provide anything that Jeff Teague doesn’t, but he seems to be a good talent. He’s got good length and athleticism, and is pretty quick. He also made some nice passes and looks good turning the corner and making plays in the pick and roll. His jumper isnt normal looking, but he made them at a decent rate from deep. He needs to get stronger to be better on both ends, and he reaches a lot defensively and picked up 5 fouls in 31 mins. He will be a good player to have in the future as a starting PG, and he will be able to be brought along at good speed behind Teague or whoever the Hawks start at PG.

John Jenkins looked great. He’s always been a stronger built guy at 6’4 220 or so, and he looks very good physically. He’s still the same sharpshooter, and he still can shoot very well spotting up or off screens, but he is underrated with the ball on the floor and he plays within himself. He isnt a great athlete at all, or more than OK on defense, but he knows his limits and plays smart. Unselfish, and doesn’t need the ball for much time to score. I hope he gets more minutes next year, he is a solid player and a great shooter.

Lucas Noguiera showed good and bad. He’s a very long guy and he can make plays sometimes on both ends just off of that. He got 2 alley-oop plays where guys just threw the ball near the rim when he got some daylight, and he finished them nicely. Not skilled really. He REALLY got bullied by Samardo Samuels around the rim, and let Samuels et into his chest and score easy buckets. He isnt going to be more than a limited minute player until he gets a lot stronger and bigger. His hair will make him a fan favorite.

Mike Scott was solid as usual, with very little flash to his game. He doesn’t stand out anywhere but he isnt bad at anything either.

Jared Cunningham is a new Hawks player and 2012 1st round pick, but he struggled and was ineffective. He really needs to show more or he wont be in the NBA to much longer. He is athletic though and long.

Shelvin Mack was nice. He is still a great shooter off the dribble, and made a 26 foot pull-up as the buzzer sounded at the end of the 1st qtr. He ran the offense well and had 6 assists, which is good considering he needs to work on his PG skills. Mack also competes defensively and makes effort plays. Very good size for a PG. Not flashy but is solid. Might be the 3rd PG for the Hawks next year again.


Reggie Bullock was good. He was a good shooter as expected, and looks good from mid-range getting shots moving without the ball. Has an NBA build and plays confident. Plays very good defense as well. Also a good athlete. His ball-handling skills need improvement though. I think Bullock could get little minutes at the start of the year and be brought along as the year goes on and be a good piece for them. He really is solid and his ability to create shots for himself is his only glaring weakness.

DaJuan Summers from Georgetown a few years back played good. He’s a big wing, looks like he’s 6’7 240 or so, with a good jumper. He isnt a ball-handler really, but he can keep guys on his hip and score at times. He is a decent athlete too. The thing holding him back from the NBA is how hard he competes I think.

Samardo Samuels was bullying Noguiera when he was out there. He put his shoulder in his chest and almost completely destroyed him a few times. He also seems to be more athletic and carries less unneeded body fat now. Good hands. He’s not skilled but he is a bull around the rim and he is a guy you’d hate to have a physical battle with down low. Not great on defense, and lack of height and be shown at times.

Maalik Wayns mostly did a good job running the team. He still needs to figure out that he isnt an efficient scorer at all, and stop trying to score though. Sometimes he gets outta control, but he is extremely fast on his way to the rim and he’s built like a running back.

I love Jerome Randle, and he was OK. He’s a very quick player. Able to create shots for himself and others at his best. Full of talent, but just is very undersized. Still learning to be as good a PG as scorer.

Brandon Davies from BYU and Vernon Macklin showed flashes of skills, Macklin makes smart plays at times, and Davies has some decent post game, but they didn’t really make a huge impact. Both are alright on the glass

Scott Wood the 6’7 180 pureshooter from NC State got a few shots but he didn’t really make enough of them.

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Brandon Davies didn't show

Brandon Davies didn't show anything? The dude was constantly boxing out. SO what if he didn't get any boards, but neither did the guys he boxed out. he was constantly manning guys up and it was great to see from him.

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I was expecting more from

I was expecting more from Davies, but he played hard. Not enough to warrant a signing though.

I really liked what I saw from Marjanovic. He's a total stiff, but was making some great passes out of the high post. At 7'3" he played good defense and was active in the flow of the game on offense.

I disagree that Schroeder doesn't offer anything that teague doesnt have. Schroeder has a real talent for the pick and roll game. He was constantly amazing me with great reads for a kid his age. He needs to work on his scoring though. He shoots a set shot, which isn't going to cut it. He also looks way too skinny. He's gonna need to get in the weight room like asap.

Same with Noguiera. He needs the weightroom so badly. One of the announcers was saying he's gonna need to eat that soul food. That's pretty apt because he looks like a skeleton with hair. All in all though, I'm very impressed with his game. Very active on D and on the glass. He also dives very hard to the basket on P&R as well as the offensive glass.

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I liked what I saw from

I liked what I saw from Schroeder for the most part. Solid first game. He needs to work on staying in front of his man. I try not to put to much stock into one game though.

I was also impressed with the movement our offense had with such limited time to prepare. I'm hoping that's Coach Bud's doing. If he brings over a finely tuned offense similar to the Spurs, then I think everything will be alright.

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Good to see Jenkins played

Good to see Jenkins played well. Unfortunately he won't get much of a run since they just signed a 3 inch taller, 10 year older Jenkins to a $22 million contract.

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i assume your talking about

i assume your talking about korver, but he will be the starting small forward, jenkins will be the 2

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I gotta say I drastically

I gotta say I drastically underrated Reggie Bullock and the Clippers. But, boy did I overestimate Jared Cunningham. The only noteworthy thing he did was get a 3pter blocked.

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