Hawks Draft

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Hawks Draft

Just wondering what yaull think the hawks should do in the draft. If Houston makes the playoffs they get a first round draft pick from the Joe Johnson trade. In the mock on here it has them getting GRIII which I like especially bc Atlanta doesnt have a 3. With their pick which should be in somewhere in the late teen range I think KCP would be a great pick if he is still available. That would be a great draft and 2 future starters for them for a long time.
Teague/Lou Wil
J- Smoove
Team would look something like this and this is without them signing a big time free agent or two which they have the money for and would make the team look really good. Thoughts?? Maybe they could package there 2 first rounders and next years pick and try to move up and get a Wiggins/Parker?? Just thinking out loud. Thoughts would be appreciated!

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Its not a good idea to think

Its not a good idea to think about trading up next year. The teams in position to take a Wiggins or Parker most likely will just take them. If not, there are teams that can offer much more. And it looks like the Hawks will def get the Rockets pick. I would love to see GRIII fall there, but I see him flirting as a late lotto pick when the time comes. KCP would be a good value pick if hes available with either pick. A guy I like, it Saric from overseas who I think can be a starting sf later on. Either way- Hawks has plenty of options. This isnt the deepest draft, but with Ferry there, it wont be the absolute worst decisions made like the Hawks brass usually do.We'll have a better idea when they decide what to do with Josh Smith, in terms of what positions theyll pursue.

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My picks

Would be Olynyk and Oladippo, who I believe will both be gone by then. However, based on this list and the take the best player available theory, is who I would go with.

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Everybody wants Olynyk in

Everybody wants Olynyk in their team.... too bad he will be gone by the lotto.

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Too early to tell, depends on

Too early to tell, depends on what they get for Josh Smith. He will get traded. And next year they should have a top five pick because they will suck. And this is coming from an Atlanta native.

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Tony Mitchell and mold him as

Tony Mitchell and mold him as a hybrid defensive forward whose offense comes a little slower, similar to what Josh Smith has become. If we get Houston's pick then I go any combination of KCP/Oladipo/Franklin, but I am sided more towards KCP.

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