Hasheem Thabeet-Overrated

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Hasheem Thabeet-Overrated

Hasheem Thabeet. BLah Blah Blah. I think he is so over hyped! All he does is stand there. He only blocks when it is right over his head! I think he is bust-bound.

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yea he is...he is like saer sene from the sonics/thunder. good size but still cant get on the floor

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better than Sene

That guy was awful, i never understood that. The sonics liked to draft tall guys who cant play in the first round every year. I think Thabeet will be good in the pro's, i dont think he will ever get his offense going though. He is really raw, but is also really tall and not immobile, so he definately has a place. I Think he is pretty much a Mutumbo Clone. The more i see the more I get impressed, the only thing that concerns me is that he is bigger and older than everybody he plays against and still cant score with legit offense as opposed to putbacks. Guys in the NBA will be able to box him out. I like him though, i feel like ive been bashing him unfairly, I just think Griffin is unexpressably better, both now and as a prospect, and Harden is a better second pick too. After them, It would be hard to pass up Thabeet.

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I like the fact that he runs the floor like a gazelle (which is well coveted in the NBA see Dan Gadzuric) can block and change shots has a nice frame and will put on weight and Muscle. Has been playing basketball for only six years and shown progress each year. offense is on the raw side but can and will get better under good tutulage. I think that he is an underated big in a garbage draft. This may be one of the weakest drafts since 97 and he will be a low risk high reward pick in the first five selections.

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If I was an NBA GM and i

If I was an NBA GM and i didnt have a young center, im taken this guy. His numbers and game have improved every year. Dude's was playin basketball for a year before he commited to UCONN. Ive heard people say he gets up and down the floor really well but when i watch him play hes always the last or second to last guy gettin back on D and isnt really in the transition game. I think hell be at least a Biedrins on offense but when a team takes him it'll be because of his defense

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well, there are some risks but good rewards

Thabeet is mobile, thats a fact, he is not to quick but is incredible long.

He needs to bulk up, and learn how to box out. if he gets to 280 pounds retaining mobility and learns how to reaboud more effectively he will be a threat on defense. I dont know about how much offense this guy can learn, but at least is like Ben Wallace in that department with better free throw shooting.

If he bulks and learns some things that he lacks defensively he will earn plenty of playing time. he may have and stat sheet like this 10 ppg 10+ rebs and 2.5+ blks on a good year which is good but not impresive as a defensive center.

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Id love to see thabeet stay one more year...but that is not going to happen. If a team drafts him and expects him to turn around a franchise, then they have another thing coming...but if they are patient and let him develop a little bit more then they could have a solid big man. Hes not a threat at all on offense but he could spell some quality minutes in the paint for a team. The guy just needs to keep learning the game, and getting comfortable. Once he learns the small things, like moving without the ball and positioning he could be a force. If he ever decides to attack a rebound that isnt coming right down into his hands he could easily grab at least 5 more a game. He isnt a flop like some morons were saying earlier, without him in the middle UCONN is ranked somewhere 9-14 in the country, not number 1.

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I lean favorably towards HT

OK, his obvious weakness is his offense. He's been developing in this area, but disappointingly slowly.

His strength is combination of size and athleticism. Good shotblocking instincts. He scares away/changes quite a few shots in addition to those he blocks. Rebounds too, although should even better.

I would love to see my Wizards get him if BG is unavailable. There are a few teams at the bottom of the barrel who have some good offensive players but are sieves defensively (like Memphis e.g.) who could really use him to improve their fortunes.

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