hasheem thabeet

i see alot of people going hard on this kid
and saying that a dikembe mutombo clone is something u wouldnt want on your team

mutombo one of the greatest defending big men to ever play the game
and u wouldnt want his clone on your team
thats a joke

ofcourse u wouldnt get the 16ppg mutombo averaged his 1st year in the league
but i mean come on it took yao ming a few years to get the feel for the NBA
and when u look at the footage/game play

thabeet is more athletic and more aggressive than yao


but you'd easily take yao right?

thabeet was man handled by blair who is 6'6 with 6" stilettos on
but he finished that game with like 16pts 14rbs 5blks

i honestly think thabeet will surprise alot of people
7'3" with great athleticism is hard to come by
and if i was the Grizzlies i'd honestly look into trading down if i cant trade up for blake
and take thabeet

can gasol play the 4 is the only question after that

hell he couldnt do any worse guarding the opposing 4 than hak or D.A thats for sure

and yes im a grizzly resident and loyal fan

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hasheem actually had 5 points 4 rebounds 2 blocks and 5 fouls in that game againist Pitt and Blair

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Hoop FreakZ

so basically u telling me that blair didnt play the game in early march?
if i remember correctly blair was on the opposite end of the totem pole

thabeet had a good game
blair was horrible

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some stuff

they both had good games and bad games, they played twice and pitt beat uconn twice.

thabeet good game: 16pts 14rebs 5blks
blair good game: 22pts 23 rebs

i'm not sure with blair's blocks in his good game but for blair to grab 23 rebs against thabeet is something..

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Marc Gasol cannot play the 4

Marc Gasol cannot play the 4

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Gasol is simply not a Power

Gasol is simply not a Power Forward. Neither is Thabeet. You Draft hill at two or trade down to 4 with Sacramento to get him. Grizzlies trade #2 pick to Sacramento for #4 and Donte Green.

Tha King2121
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If your saying Thebeet is better then The Ming your crazy.
Yao can shoot
Thabeet - cant!

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marc gasol 4..

i wouldn't want to see marc play the 4. he's too slow. way too slow for that. if grizz draft thabeet, i hope they trade him for some more picks and a few players.

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Thabeet is exactly what the

Thabeet is exactly what the Twolves need in my oppinion. The wolves need to get bigger and if they could move BIG AL to the 4 they would be a lot better. I'm not sure how a trade could be worked out though. Maybe they could swap again like last year with Mayo and Love I don't know who the Wolves could throw in. The Grizzlies might go Rubio though it could all be for not but I think the Wolves need Thabeet.

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IowaAJ I agree

The wolves should be doing everything they can to get Thabeet. He is exactly what they need. Him and Al in there would be a nightmare. Thabeet not scoring inside won't matter because no one can handle Al now. All he has to do is help clean the boards and block 3 a game, wich he can do no problem.

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Thabeet is OK

But I can't see him for the Grizz unless they are involved in a good trade,Gasol is too slow to play the 4 and to be honest I like Marc's game a lot better than Thabeet he is a defensive stud I would be stupid to argue otherwise but thats pretty much all he's got right now.He's not strong enough so it won't be as easy for him to dominate defensively initially but a couple years down the road he could make a lier out of me.He's not a bad player he's just not the sexy pick that the Grizz are looking for off the bat but come draft nite you never know, but I would prefer to trade the pick if it came to that because a lot of teams would give up something valuable considering the Grizz have a lot of cap space and can make some deals that other teams just can't make because of money issues and we could stockpile picks by not trading down too far just a few spots as long as the Grizz stay in the upper half of the lottery they could get over on another team the same way the Lakers fleeced us for Pau and you see how thats working for them.

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