Hasheem Thabeet

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Hasheem Thabeet

Today against Notre Dame, Hasheem Thabeet showed signs of an offensive game. As I was watching the game on CBS, he showed signs of a low post game. He was turning and facing and shooting 12 foot jump shots and doin hook shots. I know he didn't make everything but with his dynamic defensive presence, Hasheem can be special. Im not trying to praise him as the next Wilt or anything like that; he's not even close. But I am saying that he will be a presence in the NBA and with his improved offensive game, he can look like not just a defensive player. What do you guys think? and by the way he shoots in the mid 60s on free throws just like any other center....

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I Agree 100%.

Thabeet's Offensive Game Is Quite A Ways Behind His Defense, But He Is Definitely Improving. He Has Shown Some Offensive Potential As Of Late Too. Although 20 ppg Is Not Going To Happen For Him, He Can Be A Steady Mid-Teens Scorer; A Teams 3rd Or 2nd Option If Necessary. His Jumpshot Actually Looks Very Good Out To 15-17 Feet, A Bit More Practice On That Wouldn't Hurt At All. It's All About Potential With Thabeet, And Now He Is Showing Some Offensive Potential To Go Along With His Great Defensive Abilities.

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Thabeet will be a defensive

Thabeet will be a defensive player in the league but will not be a second or third option in the NBA he just isnt that type of player against the Wildcats he was able to have his way becasue they have no big men I just not sold on Thabeets offensive skills I think at best He would average 10 ppg 9 reb 4blks

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I saw him at the Marquette game and he was using some nice moves. I take that game with a grain of salt because MU doesn't start a guy over 6'6. I think he can improve his offense to where he can avg 15 a game in the pros. He still is a project offensively, but why not? I definitely think he will be better than Hibbert ever will be. Thabeet needs to get tougher and play with more intensity to bang with the big boys. I think they need to start telling 7 footers that they are too small for the NBA. It seems the "supposed" undersized guys are the ones who play with the most heart and intensity, guys like Blair and Millsap

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Thabeet vs. Hibbert

I think Thabeet has a higher ceiling than Hibbert because of his developed defense and his extra inch or two. But Hibbert is having a solid rookie season for Indiana and is getting starts and quality minutes and Thabeet may take a little longer to have an impact

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better than Oden

I'll tell u all right now, I think Thabeet will be better than Greg Oden my a large margin. I used to really believe in Oden, but the poor guy just can't stay healthy and will never be the player we expected him to be unfortunatley. Thabeet on the other hand has all the defensive capablities that Oden has, and the fact that he has stayed in college for 3 years and tsayed healthy I truly believe he will me much better than Oden. He has all the makings of a great defensive center who can average between 15-20 points per game when his offensive game develops a little bit more

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Whoaahhh Henry bringin the

Whoaahhh Henry bringin the BOLD statement, I like bold statements but Thabeet better then Oden. I know Oden has been injury riddled and Thabeet has been very consistant healthwise but I think Oden will still be better because his frame will allow him to be stronger and keep other bigs out of the paint while oponents can get the ball down low on Thabeet by backing him down but in college not many players can finish around the rim with Thabeet's Arms towering over them but in the NBA no one knows. I think Thabeet will be able to improve a lot more then the average big man prospect simply because hes only been playing for 4 years.Thabeet may end up better then Oden, but right now I dont see it.

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I wouldn't really be

I wouldn't really be surprised if thabeet averages 20 ppg in the league. Bold statement, I suppose but given his drive to succeed, recent showings of some nice offensive polish and his athletic ablity/fluidity. I know he's still timid on the court but he really is coming into his own as far as confidence which is understandable considering his lack of experience. Oden, if he can stay healthy will be a very good bigman, I still don't see him ever gaining any polish, he still seems uncoordinated on his post moves, his jumphook is pretty ugly. But he'll be the closest thing towards shaq if he stays healthy, of course. Well, next to Dwight Howard.

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Well said bigboom

I agree with you about thabeet, any big who has the athletic ability and coordination to perform basic post moves (drop steps, turnarounds) can learn to score effectivley down low. Thabeet has the physical skills and he has improved every year he has been in college, so its not a stretch to think with a few trips to the big man camp and some good NBA tutoring he could be a 20 point scorer in the NBA. I think Oden has that potential also, right now he has alot to work thru, he's young, its his first year in the league, his squad is a playoff contender so the games are more meaningful and he is coming back from the dreaded micro-fracture. So I think he just needs time for everything to come together for him.

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thabeet, nba geek

not impressed. Sportcenter will have a top ten countdown to thabeet thrown ons. i see Iggy, i see Vince, Dwight, Josh Smith milsap and maxiell all having their way.

he will be a dunk on dummy. Jeff adrien much better prospect, but everyone running with the you cant teach height. see jared jeffries collins twins jerome james, eddy curry

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