Has Free Agency died off?

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Has Free Agency died off?

What names can we look for soon to ink a deal in this coming week?

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I still think we will see some more trades...

There has been rumors that LaMarcus Aldridge wants out of Portland. Brandon Jennings could be involved in a sign and trade. I still expect moves from the Kings, Magic and some other teams. As for teams signing big names there isn't a whole lot to look forward to unfortunately.

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pretty much :/

pretty much :/

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No, there are still some

No, there are still some solid rotation players out there to be had, but the overwhelming majority of teams are competing for FAs with the same money: exceptions, partial exceptions and vet mins. Plus the dust is settling after summer league where some back end of the roster spots are being filled and decisions on 2nd rounders are being made.
With the little money that's left, FAs and their agents are trying to squeeze out as much as they can get, which draws out the process a little longer.

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Let's see.

Let's take a quick look at what's left.

Brandon Jennings (RFA)
Mo Williams
Mike Miller
Gerald Henderson (RFA)
Nate Robinson
DeJuan Blair
Brandan Wright
Antawn Jamison
Richard Hamilton
Gary Neal (RFA)
Kenyon Martin
Beno Udrih
Timofey Mozgov (RFA)
Stephen Jackson
Lamar Odom
Ronnie Brewer

Other than Jennings, there are still quite a few good role players. Not much there that can put a team over the top, but you can still get a few good role players if you're willing to look deeper.

Trade season is just beginning though. :D

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Robinson signed a two year contract with the Nuggs earlier today. Will be interesting to see how many minutes he gets. Miller should be ready to get traded.

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I'm very anxious to see where

I'm very anxious to see where Greg Oden ends up. I don't really care where he goes. I just want to see him stay healthy and finally get a chance to play NBA basketball.

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Who do you think signs

Who do you think signs first?

Nikola Pekovic or Brandon Jennings

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Pekovic is much better.

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The money is spent....

Teams have spent their haul... exceptions are left and it will be like standing in a lunch line. Some will seconds and others will get bad chickens nuggets or jello with with carrots in it. Either way they are playing in the NBA and living the lfie.

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S-Jax & Rip Hamilton - who

S-Jax & Rip Hamilton - who thinks they get picked up ? who thinks they retire ?

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DJ Augustine!

Taking his talents to toranto.... At least he's got a job but at some piont he was like "Toronto wants me to be their back up....(soul dies)

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We all assume that Pekovic

We all assume that Pekovic will stay with the T-Wolves and Brandon Jennings doesn't seem to be getting a lot of takers. Teams always look at the FA market top downwards if they have major cap space and sometimes if they miss out on the main target they don't want to tie up huge money long term on the next level down.

Also teams with a star player in situ who could reach FA soon or is nearing the end of his career won't go overboard on a supporting cast in case the star player moves on or retires and they are then left with complimentary players on big contracts with a couple of years left.

The first few weeks were busy and we still have a few FA's to resolve plus seeing where Greg Oden lands, I wonder if after the draft and FA market, teams are just catching their breath or the front office staff are taking a holiday etc.

As regards veterans like S-Jax and Rip Hamilton, they tend to be added to roster nearer to the start of pre-season or during pre-season when the Coaches start trying various rotations and can see how new signings/rookies etc are fitting in and what needs they may have or where they want extra experience.

Also veteran players will wait to see what opportunities arise and may not jump at the first offer if they have to uproot or may not get guaranteed minutes. Also if they hang on a bit into the new season, contenders often look to add veterans as the season progresses and you want extra experience with one eye on the play-offs etc.

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