Harry Giles Injury

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Harry Giles Injury

Turns out kid has a torn ACL, MCL and Meniscus. Gotta feel for him as he was a starter on the U16 National Team and had to watch his teammates win the gold from the sideline after suffering the injury. He is young (I believe he and Seventh Woods were the two youngest players on the team) and it seems like he is a very hard worker. No doubt he will bounce back from this. I'm definitely pulling for him.

Oh and he was just named #1 in ESPN's 2016 rankings that were just released.

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He's young and will get great

He's young and will get great treatment. The best part for him is the opportunity to use it as a chance to enhance his other skills and strength! I'm actually coming of that same injury and surgery and its a process but with the right people around him he will definitely come back a better player

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Seems like a very serious

Seems like a very serious injury. Hope he bounces back though.

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first thing

That came to my mind was his workout video. I hope there not over training him

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He's a very good player and I

He's a very good player and I hope he has a great recovery... That's a serious injury to recover from.. Pulling for the kid.

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