Harrison Barnes, Thomas Robinson, Derrick WIlliams, Tristan Thompson??

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Harrison Barnes, Thomas Robinson, Derrick WIlliams, Tristan Thompson??

Which young forward has the best future in your opinion? (I did not include players like MKG and Anthony Davis as they are better players than these 4 IMO)

My opinion:
1. Harrison Barnes: I still think he will have a nice career.. He is in a perfect fit in Golden State where he does not have to be the man. I was impressed with his defense on Paul Pierce the other day.
2. Tristan Thompson: Big fan of this guy. He will never be a big time scorer, but has the potential to be a consistent double-double guy. Great defense.
3. Thomas Robinson: Has had a ok season so far as a rookie. I like his potential on defense.
4. Derrick Williams: This is tough as a Twolves fan.. First, I think he needs to get out of Minnesota. He is not a small forward and Coach Adelman does not like him. I still think he will be a very nice player in the NBA, just not in Minnesota. Not sure if he will be a starter...

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As a Cavs fan i like Tristan

As a Cavs fan i like Tristan and think he has a lot of room to improve his game. Right now hes more of an athletic hustle guy that rebounds and plays defense. When he figures out how to control his body better and finish at the rim, which i think he will bc hes young and big men take more time to develop, he could be a monster and a solid 16 and 10 player. He should also get stronger which will help his game. I havent watched the other 3 players enough but I think they have potential.

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Tristan hasn't taken the leap

Tristan hasn't taken the leap that was expected and has kinda regressed on offense if you ask me, Derrick Williams is a question mark so idk until he moves to another team or gets more pt, TRob can't stop fouling and I think his floor is not as high as scouts thought it was so he's still a question mark. I'll go with Harrison Barnes, dude has been impressive this season even though his numbers are average as he is the 5th option, but his defense and his potential to be a deadly scorer is too good to pass up, he's a huge mismatch with his size, strength, wingspan, and insane athleticism.

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