Harrison Barnes Dunk

I see dunk contest potential in him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=pVTh60U5Kr4 I can't believe people thought he was unathletic while at North Carolina.

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That was a monster Dunk!

To be honest, the athleticism he showed last night really surprised me. That slam was vicious, not sure about the dunk contest for him tho. Still it hurts that we missed getting him by a coin flip, not upset with Ross by any means... but still.

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Yeah but I'm also a Raptors

Yeah but I'm also a Raptors fan and I'm glad we still got Terrence Ross, he reminds me alot of one of my favorite players as a kid, Eddie Jones.

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Terrence Ross is a nice role

Terrence Ross is a nice role player and will continue to be for quite some time..

Barnes has immense potential though, and that is what sets them apart..

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He's one of those guys who

He's one of those guys who doesn't have the tightest handle. The floor spacing in the NBA helps him get driving lanes, coupled with the fact that he isn't the focus of the defense. You'd get a lot of room too if you had Curry and Thompson spacing the floor for you.

That being said, I remember being surprised when Barnes tested out with a 38" no step vert and 39.5" max vert at the combine. Great numbers for a guy who seemed hesitant to attack the hoop at UNC and just a step slow. He actually tested out better than Gerald Green, John Wall, Budinger, and Derozan in the vert tests.

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Very Athletic

Barnes is one of those sneaky athletic guys, doesnt show it too often but when he does it's usually nice.

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The raptors baseline 3d sign

The raptors baseline 3d sign looks cool for 10 minutes but it just is an eye sore and distracts people.

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