Happy New Years - NBAdraft style

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Happy New Years - NBAdraft style

With 2011 coming to an end, it's time to look back at the memorable events from this year from some of our favorites here on NBAdraft.

Who could forget that time in January when RUDEBOY_'s girlfriend was giving him his "special" birthday gift over Skype until her father showed up

Remember the time Aamir invited us to his talent show?

Aamir would have won, had it not been for Leroy stealing the show!

Remember when ProudGrandpa, who after 77 years, was finally going to get laid back in July? The look on his face was priceless and was ready for the challenge...

...Unfortunately for him, he took a Flintstone vitamin instead and came up short

There was that time when M-DYMES thought a pole was dissing him

Anyone still remember the annual NoMoney Dodgeball tournament? Team McDunkin needed a decisive vote from the judge to win the game... it was an instant classic! Team DaneBoy was stunned and never seen again

DHAMP made his return only the way a DHAMP could make a return #likeaFOOL

llperez and BASED-out-like-23 had a serious krumping competition that ended in a NO decision

MagikKnick left a lasting impression at the Kardashian wedding ceremony but they edited it out for TV purposes

I'll never forget the time I asked MikeyV to get some drinks for my birthday party

And lastly, ScottoAnt93 tired to remake Spiderman....umm, not one of his best ideas

Well, if 2011 was any indicator, this upcoming year is going to be memorable! Hope you all have a wonderful NYE and be safe my brothas.

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lol, happy new years everyone

lol, happy new years everyone

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Great stuff

Here is a friendly "Site MVP of 2011" Rankings:

10. JoeWolf1/MagicKnick- Both of these often go forgotten when it comes to the glorifying and ego-feeding of users with lists such as this. So I just want to recognize both these guys. Both are extremely well-informed, but also have subtle senses of humor. Bravo, gentlemen.

9. JNixon-Iggy- Among the steadiest and smartest of posters the success of many a thread has been due to JNixon's extensive knowledge.

8. OrangeJuiceJones- Though he may have trouble escaping NoMoney's shadow, often being relegated to a sidekick role (see Popcorn Story Dos), OJJ is still one of the site's funniest users. Also possessing a respectable knolwedge of basketball, OJJ has certainly had a hand in putting the site where it is today.

7. llperez- Honestly, you can just read what I wrote about JNixon-Iggy. Both solid posters, very intelligent, and seemingly on here every day.

6. I May Be Wrong- Though he's been a poster for a while, we can all agree that he has really come on strong this past half-year. One of the funniest users on here, I May Be Wrong is also intelligent and gets bonus points for dropping that ridiculous "Based" from his name.

5. LeroyJenkins- Love him or hate him (and I don't think anyone really hates him, except aamir, because Leroy makes him look foolish. Rudeboy, of course, loves him, even if it's not mutual) he is a hilarious poster. He even made an insightful basketball comment the other day. Who could forget the Turtle thread or "Waterproof Those Shoes"? Thank you leroy, for brightening many of our days.

4. MikeyVTheDon- The reigning Forum MVP (though only because NoMoney didn't include himself on the ballot) this ridiculously biased Ducks fan is generally a fair poster. I can't be sure, because I don't read all of each of his essays, but he posts very good stuff much of the time. It's a great compliment when Aran asks you to write for the site, so, bravo, MikeyV.

3. Indianabasketball- I may be biased towards my fellow Indy native, but this guy is classy. He is, in my opinion, the smartest poster here, but he is also not afraid to join in on the merriment of us less serious posters. He has my utmost respect.

1. NoMoney and McDunkin- You know what they do. You know what they are. And you know that they both deserve this spot.

honorable Mentions: Rudeboy, DanEBoy, MDYMES, yupyup, Aamir, BOL23, ScottoAnt, BothTeams, Wizkid

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IMBW...Im so damn

IMBW...Im so damn proud.....Happy New Year everyone

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Happy New Years

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

IMBW your right, i wanted spiderman look more like Mario but for some odd reason i got a number of complaints from parents saying he looked like a pedophile...i still have no idea what their talking about lol Nice work with the gifs definately one of the funniest users on here

Proudgrampa thanks for the shout out

McBased- Look foward to what you have in store for the upcoming matter what it is it will be Epic and Funny as Hell!

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When the Houston Rockets made

When the Houston Rockets made the decision to set their sights on rebuilding through a youth movement, one of the veteran casualties was power forward Luis Scola. Scola, of course, was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs, but wound up starting the NBA portion of his professional career in Houston after the Rockets acquired his rights via trade. It was a move that the Spurs later regretted, as Scola proved to be one of the toughest competitors at his position during his time with the Rockets. Scola loved playing in Houston, and had plans to one day retire as a Rocket, but now he’s reworking that plan as a member of the Phoenix Suns.

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