GSW #7 Pick

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GSW #7 Pick

With the draft coming up next week, who do you guys see the Warriors taking? Do you see the Warriors trading the pick + change, or keeping it?

As a Warriors fan, I really hope MKG or Barnes fall to 7, but doubt this happens. If both are gone who do you guys think the Warriors best options are?

Warriors line up next year if everyone is healthy would be:


Hopefully the Warriors make the right choice. I still can't believe they draft Ekpe Udoh over Greg Monroe.

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Yeah Udoh over Monroe stings.

Yeah Udoh over Monroe stings. Have no fear though Jerry West is in the Warriors war room now, so insane picks like that shouldn't be an issue anymore.

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''We've probably only put in

''We've probably only put in 35 or 40 percent of (the offense) we're going to put in,'' Brown said. ''It's still going to take some time for these guys to understand.''

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