Greivis Vasquez

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Greivis Vasquez

Is it crazy to anyone else that this guy is currently THIRD in the NBA in assists per game with 9.3? I was a huge fan of his coming out of college and was hoping he would be successful... But I didn't think he'd actually make the impact that he has stats wise. Granted he's getting big minutes on a subpar team but is he taking anyone else by surprise?

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He should have a chance for

He should have a chance for MIP in my opinion (although for the most part it is also an increase in minutes). Any chance this guy could make another step in the following years? Maybe increase his scoring as well?

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kinda reminds me of andre miller... just as far as using their wits instead of supreme athleticism to play the pg postition. I think he has more scoring potential than dre tho in my opinion

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Yeah ... I see some

Yeah ... I see some similarities. Both great playmaking, high BB-IQ players.

Vasquez is already a better 3pt shooter. If he learns how to post up, he would develop into a 15-17 ppg player like Miller in his prime.

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