Greivis Vasquez

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Greivis Vasquez

I've been a huge fan ever since he came into the league, and I think he's having a fantastic season.
You can say he's "overachieving" or whatever but the truth is this guy can ball. Not athletic, and pretty slow, but at 6'6 his ball skills are awesome. Last night against the Lakers, 15 assists, 1 TO. That's amazing, is ability to find teammates is great and just has a knack for getting them open shots. Also, whenever I see him attempt a floater it almost always goes in..
Obviously defensively he's pretty slow, but as an offensive player he's doing much more than he's expected. 13.8, 9.3, and 4.5 is a pretty damn good season if you ask me.
He's a starting NBA PG no question IMO, and I think he's a great fit with the Hornets/Pelicans with his ability to get the ball to Anthony Davis, and Gordon, Anderson.

What are your thoughts?

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Yeah hes ballin

Yeah hes ballin

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I expected this from him

He played behind Conley so he never got the minutes he needed. Has great court vision and ballhandling skills. Plays fearless.

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Really happy to see him excel at this level. Surprised at how well he's played however. Memphis looks pretty stupid at this point for letting him go. Would totally solidify that bench. He was such a G at Maryland and so clutch. It will be interesting to see if NOLA sticks with him going forward.

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I never liked him as a PG. But I was terribly wrong on him. He's my front runner for most Improved Player

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In December i said he was

In December i said he was Overachieving,becuz he was playing on 1 of the worst teams in the nba,where he's getting extended minutes....

He's an average athlete,plays out out control at times,is an inconsistent shooter,a poor defender and often had trouble finishing inside..Memphis traded him becuz they said he lacked quickness and couldnt shoot..He got lost in the shuffle becuz they had an abundance of guards and needed someone to backup Rudy Gay.....

But i have to admit,Vasquez has made the most of the opportunity he's been given...He's excelling at a high level,becuz he's fearless,ultra competitive,finds ways to score and he plays with heart......Most of all he's gained confidence,he finally knows his weaknesses & his strengths......

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