Greg Paulus Named Ohio State Basketball Assistant Coach

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Greg Paulus Named Ohio State Basketball Assistant Coach


Originally hired on to the Ohio State Basketball coaching staff as a video coordinator, it’s clear Greg Paulus has been doing positive things for the Buckeye. Just named an assistant coach, the Duke University graduate, and former point guard, was a key cog in all four of his years playing as a Blue Devil. He was a starter for the first 3, but eventually his playing time dropped his senior year. It comes to no surprise that a Dukie is involved with the Buckeyes, as his coach, Mike Krzyzewski, has very close ties to Buckeye great Bobby Knight.

Most notably known for his random decision to play college football after his basketball career, Paulus played one season at Syracuse. He threw for over 2000 yards and 13 touchdowns in his only season.

First confirmed on Twitter by Duke assistant coach Steve Wojciechowski (h/t Marshall), Greg will make a great addition to an already stellar coaching staff for the Buckeye roundballers.

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i'm jus so offended
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God I hate that guy

God I hate that guy

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Greg Paulus: the rare

Greg Paulus: the rare Krzyzewski coached player that never improved in 4 years

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Coach K had a lot of players that didn't improve.

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