greg oden will sign with

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greg oden will sign with

my gut tells me greg oden will sign with the heat....soon.

p.s. Mark My Words

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With what money? And who will

With what money? And who will they cut? Roster pretty full...

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Mark your words? Like if this happens you deserve some kind of award?

It's really where he feels most comfortable, he's a pretty intuitive and introverted guy so Id say it's probably going to be somewhere that already has an established big so he doesn't feel pressure to shoulder any kind of load. Come off the bench and get back to in basketball, if indeed his knees hold up.

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A lot of people has been

A lot of people has been saying Miami, but like monsterjefe asks, with what money? Unless he takes the absolute minimum, and with his injury history, Im sure his agent will stare him to the highest bidder. With that said, teams that comes to mind that 1-has money, 2- has a need, 3- may be willing to take a risk on him are:

Dallas- Lost out on Howard, Bynum, and Im surprised didn't pursue Pek.
Washington- Oden can play behind Okafor this year and if he proves himself healthy, can be a part of the team's future.
New Orleans- If he can stay healthy, would be a nice pairing with Anthony Davis.
Chicago- Need depth behind Noah.
San Antonio- No need, but would have loved to seen him there.

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I don't know if any one has

I don't know if any one has suggested this but how about the Thunder? I think it could be a good fit. OKC could use some interior defense and a healthy Oden could provide just that. If healthly, he'd probably be the best big they have despite not playing for the last 4 years. If Oden gives them 50-60 games of 15-20 minutes per night, it would be a good return on their investment. Of course it all hinges on his health, but I could see this really working out for the Thunder and Oden

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Man.. just think about the #1

Man.. just think about the #1 and #2 pick (Oden and Durant) on the same team... It would be a good fit, especially since they have like 4 centers on their team already. He doesn't absolutely need to start right away, but he would be a great post presence that the Thunder need down the road (if healthy)

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Mini Mid-Level

Miami has the Mini Mid Level. You have to think they are the front runner if indeed an offer has been made, and frankly I think 3mil a year for a guy who hasn't played in 3 1/2 years is more than fair. They might be doing the same thing as we went through with Birdman, where he was asking for our mid- level and we were trying to talk him into the Vet min, which finally he accepted.

Frankly, I wish we would make a run and Brandan Wright with the Mini Mid Level, but I think Arison is sitting on it to save tax money. Started a thread about this yesterday but I wish we would just Amnesty Anthony to save some money, and open up some PT as well for whatever centers we bring in. He is useless and makes 3.8 mil a year for nothing.

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im actually kinda suprised

im actually kinda suprised they havent used their amnesty on mike miller and then made a new deal with him. that would free up much more money than using it on anthony.

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just sign with boston

Lots of 7 footers. No pressure to play a lot when the position is deep. Naw but Colton Iverson is good. He plays tough.

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Mavs or Spurs

I read on that the Cavs are still trying to sign oden even though they just signed Bynum. It didn't make much sense to me because of all the bigs we already have, and the fact that they are backing up an injury prone big man with an injury prone big man. I think he should go to Spurs or Mavs. Somewhere he wont feel pressured to come back.

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