Gorgeous presence

Gorgeous presence

As COVER COSER, COSER sense of presence in the photo is important, how to strengthen the sense of being needed together with COSER and photographers.
First of all, COVER COSER COVER is now called the cover, and then they would take into account the composition of the beauty. Photos of many players and systemic bias in the mug shot photos, in fact, the whole cosplay costumes do not have deliberately taken in highlight the role of features on it.
Secondly, COSER does not rigidly adhere to the role, can have some innovation. In action, the standard features of POSE to highlight the role, but also the performance of the dedicated COSER. But sometimes the role of personality can also do some other actions, both good-looking and different.

Third, COSER eyes are very important. As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows of the soul, most people blink blink the most difficult to resist the big eyes, oh. As COVER COSER, if the eye towards the lens, to convey the role of the charm, then it can easily grasp the hearts of fans. From the eyes of a COSER, can distinguish the COSER are new or veteran, in addition to confidence level, can immediately attracted to the charm of the human experience numerous times, but long-term COSPLAY honed.

Fourth, the viewfinder when shooting cannot be ignored. I found a lot of players in the photo are taken in the studio, so although you can photograph in the United States and the United States, but the background would be too stiff. Location according to some players to give full play to the advantage of the environment, people suddenly think of the role of the story, so much extra points.

Fifth, the photo post-processing is also very important. Many photo composition, characters, cosplay costumes, makeup, background is very good, but only how the effects of post-processing to see how an eyesore. While this trick useful fuzzy, but it is also very easy to damage the delicate degrees, and even give you a camera did not end the illusion of stability. And the image processing was colorful, hype is a lot of COSER will use the techniques, handled well are extremely out of color, but many COSER, after all, not a professional it, it would make people feel self-defeating. If you do not practice in this area, then home, or find a nice shot to compare the time and effort.

Being a good COSER, in addition to the above points, there are many other qualities. However, COSER expresses themselves mostly through pictures, so how in the photo was Mei Mei's performance, and consistent with the role of nature has its own characteristics, is a required course for the COSER powerful.

Source: Post on on Nov 16, 2010.

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