Good Luck CLEV and PHIL

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Good Luck CLEV and PHIL

Now that the trade is over and done with, I just want to wish both CLEV and PHIL good luck. I'm glad this worked out for all teams.
I know as a Wolves fan I can't wait to see how Flip can blend all this youth together. It should be a interesting year, with growing pains I'm sure.
For PHIL I don' know way your team is stockpiling all this picks. You're going to have such a young team with no veteran leadership. But I can see why you wanted to get rid of Young instead of loose him.
For CLEV it should be a fun year. It'll take sometime for everyone to get use to each other and find out their roles. But the wins will start popping up. You have 3 players with so much talent, and you'll find out that Love is a rebounding machine.
But there will be a few things I won't miss about Kevin. He doesn't play defense. I don't know if he's getting ready to grab the rebound or what, but this has driven a lot of us crazy. The other thing I won't miss is his whining about not getting a foul call, and staying back to whine about it, instead of running down court to setup on defense.
But like I said, good luck and have a fun season.

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Philly is stock piling

Philly is stock piling assets. Doesn't mean they are going to use all the picks they are acquiring. Basically they are allowing themselves maximum flexability going forward, which will allow them to sign a star, draft a star, or trade for one, once the young core starts to develop. This could take a while, but it's hard to see them messing this up when the time is right.

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Rim protector

Now that Cleveland has Love is Tristan Thompson on the trading block? I think might be best to test the waters and see if they can acquire a rim protector. Anybody see any other viable options?

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I thinks emeka okafor may be

I thinks emeka okafor may be a viable option for the cavs. He's a capable double digit scorer and rebounds and shot blocks well. He is injury prone so if they can sign him for a reasonable amount it may pay off well as his skill set is something the cavs could use

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Veteran leadership

This whole idea of veteran leadership is silly. How much leadership do you need to finish last in the division?

We have Jason Richardson if you really care about a veteran presence, but realistically it is totally moot. We aren't even trying to compete so who cares about veteran leadership? We are just stockpiling talent and assets and trying to get our guys as much experience as possible.

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I thought the Sixers would be

I thought the Sixers would be improved this year with Nerlens Noel coming in, maybe a full year of MCW, and a returning Thadeus Young. But Young is gone and they'd never have won games last year if not for Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner, though neither is all that amazing. They will actually, somehow, be worse.

I'd be very impressed if they'd gotten Bennett. But other than their New Orleans trade, they've gotten little from trades. They got a pick in the 20's from Miami via the Cavs/Minny trade and some 2nd rounders for Turner, Hawes, and Thad. Not great.

I hope they change lottery rules this year so I wouldn't have to watch how historically awful they'll be.

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