Golden State's Sleeved Uniforms

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Golden State's Sleeved Uniforms


They're debuting it for the first time today against Spurs on ESPN. Seems to have no effect on shooting but aesthetic

It's weird, I think Curry and Barnes look pretty cool in it but then Andris Biedrens looks like a complete doofus running around with the uni and yellow shoes.

Maybe this kind of uniform would look better on a team with different colors. I feel like Miami could pull it off but still it would take some getting used to.

Right now, I'm not a fan.

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Biedrins looks exactly like

Biedrins looks exactly like this dude from Dodgeball in these jerseys.

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I hope it doesnt catch on,

I hope it doesnt catch on, but it was a decent shot to be different. They arent bad. The memphis green and yellow ones were nasty, so I would take them trying things like this rather than bringing back nasty throwbacks. I think Adidas is going to keep trying things like this though like the christmas day uniforms, so as long as they dont do it often and make the uniforms too ugly I am fine with it.

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Yeah it didn't look right to

Yeah it didn't look right to me, I stopped noticing it because the game was so absorbing, but every so often I'd notice and it'd be a bit jarring.

Do not want.

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