Golden state

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Golden state

Why is Golden state losing so much lately? The only game I saw was the New York game. Just curious cus I was hoping they would be able to compete in the playoffs.

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i watch a lot of warrior games

they have hit the wall. harrison barnes has played a great season but he has hit the rookie wall. jack has been off as of late. bogut's injury doesn't help. the only players showing up for the warriors lately have been curry who is carrying the team, lee, thompson and landry somehow. everyone else just looks tired out there. i'm sure they will get another wind and be competitive again for the playoffs but they better watch out because they are slipping.

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The Lee suspension took the

The Lee suspension took the wind out of their sales a bit, Thompson has entered another of his patented shooting slumps, Barnes is still overthinking everything on the court, Bogut is injured and Landry is in a funk. They can still pick things up and I don't doubt they make the playoffs, but they've also had to deal with a few top notch teams lately in Indiana and New York.

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They were playing out of

They were playing out of their minds all season and getting lucky and winning more games than they should have. The odds are just catching up with them and the breaks going against them. It is telling that they lost on freak shooting days from Curry (7 for 10 from three and then the epic 54 points on 11 for 13). If you can't win those games, you know you have problems. And the main problem is no healthy Bogut. But also Barnes is playing more like a rookie than at the beginning of the season. He was really playing better than I expected him to and this is more what you would think he would do as a rookie. I think without Bogut this is the team.

Anyway, I think they are most likely the odd team out in the West even though their record is much better than the Lakers. I suspect they win only 40% or less of their games from here on out. That could easily get them caught by the other teams for that eighth spot.

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Bad loss to 76ers but...

Their loss to the 76ers was bad but the other 3 losses on this streak don't seem very shocking to me..just seems like a case of a tough little stretch on their schedule where they lost to 3 Eastern Conference playoff teams on the road.

Nothing to be overly alarmed about really..they should continue to win their fair share of games to finish the season.

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I think the thing most people arent realizing, is they not only have had a tough SOS (3rd), but 25 home games played, 35 road games. Thats the biggest differential in the league, and they finish up with 16 of 24 at home. No matter who they play at home, they are generally an entirely different team with that great crowd.I think the schedule has caught up to them a bit and they are dragging, but it will be beneficial when they finish up at home..i think theyll get in still

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