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Golden State

Apparently Monta Ellis will demand a trade if Golden State drafts a PG in this yr's lottery (this site has J.Flynn going there)...My Source: Nelson and the GM had to give him a personal visit and he's ready to "pop off" to the media

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Would they...

Trade one of their bad and/or long-term contracts (Maggette, Jackson, Beidrens, or Ellis) and #7 to the Bulls for some of their expiring contracts (Tim Thomas, Roberson, Nelson, Johnson) and #16?

I'm hearing the Bulls want to trade up.


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Rose and Ellis on the same

Rose and Ellis on the same team would be sick. You thought Rose and Gordon was a combo. Ellis is more athletic and quicker. They would run teams out of the gym. Beirdrens is not a bad contract.

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i thought the warriors want a pg so they can move ellis to sg, where he seems more natural.

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The reality is that the

The reality is that the Warriors do want a PG. However, Ellis wants to run the show. This is the problem. Personally if I was the Warriors I would trade Ellis and draft the best available PG at #7....simple as that.

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I agree

Why does Ellis want to all of a sudden be a point guard?? He acts like he is irreplaceable as a point. Jennings or Flynn would be great replacements for Ellis if they were to trade him away. He would give Golden State good pieces if they pulled the trigger

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Ellis wants out

If Ellis wants out doesn't mean they have to trade him, whats he done in the league to start demanding things. He played his best as a SG when Baron was the PG. Ellis contract sux 5 years 55 mill, he should be greatful if he was a free agent he wouldn't get more than a mid level exception. As usual Warriors in a mess they already say they don't want Crawford though they should be looking to unload Maggette instead.

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Because he hasn't even

Because he hasn't even gotten the chance to showcase his skills as a PG at full strength, he played hurt the whole 2nd half of last year, and they're already giving up on him...I think he has a legit argument, and I fully understand his reasoning!!!

If they trade him it would have to be to a young team, who has a running style(SAC, PHI, maybe OKC)

I think the best option would be to trade him to SAC for Jason Thompson and a swap of picks...SAC tried to get Nate Robinson last deadline, him & Monta are the same type of player, and SAC could get Jordan Hill at 7, and not miss a beat!!!

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Stupid Monta

I read this and my hope for the Warriors, which had already begun to fade after the magical 2006-2007 season, has all but died out. Seriously, who does M. Ellis think that he is, Chris Paul? I can understand if CP3 felt snubbed if the Hornets decided to draft a PG this year...but in the games that he's played, he has not demonstrated the ability to run the team...he played much, much better when Baron was hell with you,'ll be the reason why this franchise falls further into the bottom of the cellar.

Then again, maybe it's a conspiracy...he's faking so the W's can legitimately tank next year and get John Wall!

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If they want to keep Ellis,

If they want to keep Ellis, I think they could draft Jordan Hill and he'll contribute positively.

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I think Monta is a gem. We

I think Monta is a gem. We gotta remember he's small, fast and can score (Like Iverson) also he needs more time at PG. I think this season is the season he gets it going

Also, in the Draft I wouldn't be surprised if they took a Jordan Hill and Trade him to Dallas.

If they really want a PG and they Trade bout Sacramento as a landing spot?

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I ultimetly like this move by Monta

because if the Warriors drafted Fylnn I was going to be pretty upset. I say take Hill if he slips Clark. BPA

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