Go Ducks!!!!

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Go Ducks!!!!

I guess I should put this in off-topic, but as some of you may know, I am a die hard Ducks fan. We played New Mexico today to start off the season, and we were up 59-0 at half. Kenjon Barner, our back-up RB since our superstar LaMichael James was suspended for the first game, has 5 TD's, 4 on the ground and a 60 yard receiving score. Cliff Harris, our back-up Punt Returner to Barner, had two consecutive 60 yard PR scores. It was a video game half. Of course we are playing it a little closer to the vest after half, and are up 65-0 right now, but I have to say, that as encouraging as this win is, I am still nervous. When we are killing a team without playing totally perfect flawless football, it means one thing usually, you should not be playing this team. New Mexico won 1 game last year, so while you have to be encouraged by this ridiculous thrashing, we are just doing what we should be doing. I really am worried by our weak non-conference schedule, and I am even nervous about playing Tennessee after this one. I just hope that this success carries on and does not go to the teams head or is just a tease of how good we might be. I think we may have the best RB duo in the nation, even better than Ingram and Richardson possibly. Our offensive line is ridiculously on point, and all starters returned, so, we should still kill it running the ball. Our QB situation is still shaky, as I know Thomas made some mistakes, though I am encouraged and still have faith in him, as I do Costa if he were to go down. That being said, I think our defense might be one of the best around. Our D-Line is either a) Ridiculously fast or b) Ridiculously massive or c) both. We have great LB's and our defensive backs all have a year of experience and great speed. The spread is a pure college offense, and players have taken notice, and our personnel is great. We are truly becoming like a Florida speed type team in the Pacific Northwest. I really hope we keep it up, because we have some tough games, I am particularly worried about Stanford and even UW, as I have always knew of the massive potential that team possessed and of course Jake Locker being a freak. Also, Arizona and OSU will probably be challenging games again, I will be sweating everyone out, as I know running the table seems to be a fantasy for our school. Anyone else follow college football? I would say that Ohio State is probably my favorite to win it all, though of course I ultimately hope for a rematch of last years Rose Bowl (that I went to) with a different result. Alabama should still be insanely good, and of course Boise St. has Kellen Moore back and a great non-conference schedule to maybe make the big game if they win out. Wisconsin could be a big sleeper too, and I think the Big 10 will be much better than last year, so that is something to watch out for. Ohio St. was just so good at the end of last year, I have no idea why Pryor is not seen as a potential first pick in the draft. He of course has a way's to go as a QB, but he is the biggest, fastest QB out there. He is Vince Young now, in college basically. Like, I do not think Vince was ever as big as this guy, and he is roughly as fast. Their defense was totally massive and hardcore, I thought we would crush them, but they were a great team, and I think most of them came back. I wonder who will challenge Bama in the SEC though? So much can happen, but Ohio State vs. Alabama would be a great NC game. Well, would like to hear other peoples thoughts. Any favorites for Heisman? I would say Pryor is my early favorite, though of course I hope it is LaMichael James. I am sure their will be a lot of surprises, but I just am glad my Ducks are looking as good as expected in our opener (which at this point is 72-0)

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