Glen Rice Jr.

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Glen Rice Jr.

I see this guy having Kawhi Leonard type of start. He's a nice sized SG who can really shoot and is a excellent defender. Also has enough moves to score if he gets run off his spot as a jump shooter.

I see him being his best on a team with a star PG. The Cavs at 19 looks like the first spot. Irving and Rice would be a nice combo with Waiters filling the 6th man role for some years.

The Clips as well with CP3. They need more shooting and a long term SG next to Cp3 for the next 5 years.

The Bulls as well. Rose and Rice would be a nice back court. Again Rice's shooting would help Rose with spacing. And his D would be loved in Chicago.

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At 19 I would rather have one

At 19 I would rather have one of Snell or Crabbe over Rice but I wouldn't be upset if we decide to take Rice over them.

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He's really more of a SF than

He's really more of a SF than a SG due to handles, size and lateral agility but I like him as a late round pick. I hope the Wolves grab him at 26.

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I think 19 would be a little

I think 19 would be a little early but he can play. Actually he seems like a upgrade over Alonso Gee in the long run if he can be average or above defensively. He has a nice stroke and goes the rack and finishes really well, at least from the highlights. That pump fake and drive is a crucial element that most guys miss. I have only seen his highlight tapes from the D League but he drove more in those then most guys do and looked natural doing it.

LaaretheKings, even if he plays with an allstar pg, he won't be much of a factor this year.

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