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glen rice jr

Does anyone think that Glen Rice Jr who plays for georgia tech will make it to the nba he averages like 12 ppg 5 rpg 3 apg and 1 spg. Right now I doubt it currently the yellow jackets are not doing great they are 7-5 but when i see him play i think he is a decent player he can shoot the 3 he is 50% for 3 point range and makes about 4 a game. I think if he can do more than shoot he is going to be a 2nd round pick but will have to spend some time overseas and maybe the dleague

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He's a prospect, probably a

He's a prospect, probably a long shot. He can shoot the 3 spotting up and he defends, and he has good length and decent athleticism, but he's not a ball-handler.

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"he can shoot the 3 he is 50% for 3 point range and makes about 4 a game"

You sure about that?

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A somewhat forgotten guy

A somewhat forgotten guy after getting kicked off the GT team, but Rice has started to produce of late in the NBDL.

In the past 7 games, he has averaged 30.9 minutes, 16.3 points (55 percent shooting and 40 percent from three), 8 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 2.3 turnovers, and 1 steal. He will also be participating in the NBDL Dunk Contest with Tony Mitchell, Josh Owens, and Dar Tucker.

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