give me your draft board

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give me your draft board

Alright this isn't how you think the draft will go this is as of right now your top prospects. How would you rate the the top ten prospects? I'm interested to see who you guys would draft.

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My top 10 Bigboard

1. Ben McLemore Top3 (SG)
2. Nerlens Noel Top 3 (PF)
3. Trey Burke Top 5 (PG)
4. Otto Porter Top 3-5 (SF)
5. Shabazz Muhammed Top 5-10 (SG)
6. Victor Oladipo Top 10 (SG)
7. Anthony Bennett Top 10-late lottery (PF)
8. Cody Zeller Top 10-late lottery (C/PF)
9. CJ McCollum Top 10-late lottery (Combo guard playing mainly off the ball)
10. Alex Len Top 10 (C)

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1. Otto Porter - Skilled,

1. Otto Porter - Skilled, moves great without the ball, simply knows how to play the game well.

2. Trey Burke - Really low floor, can fit on just about any team

3. Ben McLemore - Very NBA ready and has room to grow. Elite athleticism combined with outstanding shooting ability and an excellent feel for the game make him a very good prospect.

4. Victor Oladipo - Super athletic, constantly attacks, record of improving his game to go along with his reputation as a gym rat, unlikely to bust due to his work ethic, athleticism, and incredible motor.

5. Nerlens Noel - Super athletic, runs the floor extremely well, should be an excellent threat in transition and off the pick-and-roll who can make an impact on defense.

6. Cody Zeller - I see him as a PF. Needs to get stronger, but could become a nice pick-and-pop/roll threat who can score in the post.

7. Steven Adams - Raw prospect, but is the ideal developmental guy. With his motor and physical tools, he should become an outstanding center in 4 years.

8. Dario Saric - His lack of lateral quickness to close out on shooters and chase guys around screens will make him a PF for most teams in the league, but I don't think that is a huge problem. He plays with great fire and tenacity, rebounds well, and is able to score in the post over smaller defenders and handle the ball on the perimeter against bigger ones. If he fills out his frame and develops a consistent jump shot, he could be an All-Star.

9. Archie Goodwin - Tremendous slasher. He is probably to raw to be super efficient/effective as a rookier, but his skills slashing to the rim are tremendous. Can go left or right, great Eurostep, should be able to improve his finishing at the rim, catches the ball ready to attack. With more coaching and experience, he could be a terror attacking the rim.

10. Alex Len - Needs to get stronger to convert opportunities down low. Also needs to improve his motor. High skill level combined with his size is a hard find, though.

Edit: I forgot Anthony Bennett. He should have been on there somewhere. Probably just ahead of Steven Adams.

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Can I trade down? Or into in 2014?

1. Noel
2. Porter
3. Oladipo
4. Burke
5. KCP
6. Gobert
7. McCollum
8. Dieng
9. Franklin
10. Bullock

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1. Noel 2. Oladipo 3.

1. Noel
2. Oladipo
3. McLemore
4. Burke
5. Alex Len
6. Otto Porter
7. Gorgui Dieng
8. Anthony Bennett
9. Jeff Withey
10. CJ McCollum

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thanks guys love seeing how

thanks guys love seeing how guys have different lists i forgot to post mine

Hardaway Jr.

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Phoenix. They need the pick

Phoenix. They need the pick more IMO. Orlando has a heap of promising, young talent. What can we say Phoenix has outside of Goran Dragic and Marcin Gortat?

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Personal top 10, a little different

1. Trey Burke
2. Nerlens Noel
3. Shabazz Muhammad
4. Ben McLemore
5. Otto Porter
6. Cody Zeller
7. Victor Oladipo
8. CJ McCollum
9. Rudy Gobert
10. Anthony Bennett

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This year even the top 5 is

This year even the top 5 is real hard for me:

1. Ben Mclemore
2. Otto Porter
3. Nerlens Noel
4. Trey Burke
5. Victor Oladipo
6. Shabazz Muhammad
7. Cody Zeller
8. Anthony Bennett
9. Alex Len
10. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

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1. Victor Oladipo – SG 2.

1. Victor Oladipo – SG
2. Nerlens Noel - PF
3. Trey Burke – PG
4. Otto Porter – SF
5. Kentavious Caldwell Pope – SG
6. Ben McLemore – SG
7. Alex Len – C
8. Jamaal Franklin – SG
9. Mason Plumlee – PF
10. Michael Carter-Williams – PG

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1. McLemore- He has more

1. McLemore- He has more potential than anyone in this draft class and has the tools to be a 20 ppg guy down the road.

2. Otto Porter- He will be able to contribute immediately with his defense and all around game. I see him as a Nic Batum type player who should average around 15 while being a solid starter in the league. He has very little bust potential and an underrated ceiling because of that fact.

3.Trey Burke- Trey is relentless attacking the basket and clutch on both offense and defense. His ability to run a team will make up for his lack of explosiveness. With Smart staying in school he is certainly the top PG in the draft.

4.Nerlens Noel- Noel is a rare defensive prospect who can guard the pick and roll and defend the basket. He needs to work on his strength since he weighs as much as I do and I am under 6 foot. Coming off an ACL is also scary since he didn't even get thru his first college season healthy. It wouldn't stop me from taking him top 5 but first overall would be a stretch for me.

5. CJ McCollum- He is a pure scorer and is another player who had injury problems last season. CJ can play both guard positions and has improved his outside shot. In a draft lacking offensive fire power McCollum is probably the best pure scorer in the draft.

6. Victor Oladipo- We have all heard the Tony Allen comparisons but I think he could be more of an offensive threat. His shot has improved leaps and bounds and while he won't likely ever be a 20 ppg scorer he could have a long career as a starter in the league. His measurables mixed with his work ethic make him another low basement type player in this draft.

7. Alex Len- Len is a legit 7 footer with skills. He won't wow you with athleticism but he seems to be in the right spot almost all the time. He is a good rebounder and played well against some good competition including 2 wins over Mason Plumlee and Duke last year.

8. Anthony Bennet- You have to love the package of skills that Anthony Bennett brings to the table. He can score in a variety of ways and is very athletic. I see him as an undersized 4 in the NBA and if he can hold his own defensively he could be a steal at 8. His size is really the only thing that worries me and if he was 6"10 he would be number one without a doubt.

9. Kentavious Caldwell Pope- Pope was often double and triple teamed at UGA and still shined. He will be a protoypical shooting guard with a good outside shot and solid athleticism. He is a guy that was under the radar most of the year but could elevate himself into the top 10 with some solid workouts.

10. Shabazz Muhammad- Shabazz has the looks of a one dimensional player but could thrive in the NBA. He scored over 18 a game in Ben Howland's system that doesn't often put up huge numbers. He also appeared selfish at times and with his age controversy he could drop out of the top 10. I still think Shabazz could be a good player in the right situation but question where that will end up being.

11. Cody Zeller- He was 10b with Shabazz so I added him. He was also once talked about as a potential number one player in this draft class. He didn't look nearly as explosive this season and even though he put up better numbers he didn't necessarily play better. He needs to work on his range as well as finishing around the basket through contact. Zeller is still a talented big guy that can run the floor and will be in the league for a while. That being said there is no way I am taking him top 5.

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1- Trey Burke 2- Nerlens

1- Trey Burke
2- Nerlens Noel
3- Ben Mclemore
4- Otto Porter
5- Anthony Bennett
6- Victor Oladipo
7- Cody Zeller
8- CJ McCollum
9- Kentavious Caldwell Popo
10- Shabazz Muhammad

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Since it's my personal

Since it's my personal favorites, I'll take some liberties.

1. Shabbaz Muhammad (when used properly... yes, I still believe... sigh)
2. Anthony Bennett (he's fast and he can shoot long, why wouldn't he be able to play the 3 people?)
3. Ben McLemore (leaps to block shots you'd never think he could get)
4. Nerlens Noel (he'd be 1st with some weight and medical certainty, maybe)
5. Cody Zeller
6. Michael Carter-Williams (he has to learn how to shoot, right?)
7. Victor Oladipo
8. Dennis Schroeder (still looks new to the game, but give him a few years)
9. Sergey Karasev (going far out on a limb here, but he can shoot from anywhere, from any angle, and looks quicker than advertised)
10. Rudy Gobert (if only for the 7'9" wingspan)

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1. Mclemore
2. Noel
3. Muhammad
4. Oladipo
5. Burke
6. Porter
7. Zeller
8. Bennett
9. Len
10. Adams

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(1) C - Nerlens Noel <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< TIER 1
(2) SG - Ben McLemore
(3) PF - Anthony bennett <<<<<<<<<<<< TIER 2
(4) SF - Otto Porter
(5) PG - Trey Burke
(6) SG - Victor Oladipo
(7) C - Alex Len <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< TIER 3
(8) SG/SF - Shabazz Muhammad
(9) C - Cody Zeller
(10) SG - C.J. McCollum
(11) PG - Michael Carter-Williams
(12) PF/C - Rudy Gobert <<<<<<<<<<< TIER 4
(13) C - Kelly Olynyk
(14) C - Mason Plumlee
(15) SF/PF - Dario Saric

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