Gerald Wallace 4 Eric Gordon

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Gerald Wallace 4 Eric Gordon

Hey all, I am thinking about making this trade in a fantasy team. It is based on categories and it's a 12 man league... I have Gerald Wallace and I have been offered Eric Gordon for him. This is my team:

Brandon Knight, Det PG, SG

Tyreke Evans, Sac PG, SG, SF

Josh Smith, Atl PF, SF

Bismack Biyombo, Cha C, PF

Joakim Noah, Chi C

Jared Dudley, Pho SF, SG

Rudy Gay, Mem SF

Nikola Pekovic, Min C

George Hill, Ind PG, SG

David West, Ind PF

John Wall*, Wsh PG

Gerald Wallace, Bkn SF, PF

Andre Drummond, Det PF, C

I am thinking about rejecting the trade, but just in terms of draft value It's basically getting a 3rd round pick for a 6th round pick, and so it is hard for me to give up. I think Wallace is better in terms of all the categories, but what do you guys think?

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