Gerald or Wayne?

They were high school teammates and best friends. They were rivals in the duke carolina games. Now they are about to be drafted and playing in the nba. Who was the better player in college and who do u think will have the better NBA Career? Gerald Henderson or Wayne Ellington.

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Im a die hard Carolina fan

Im a die hard Carolina fan and i would still take Gerald. Hes a freak athlete, great defender, and his jump shot improved so much at his 3 years at Duke

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i like Ellington, he has a

i like Ellington, he has a good shot, plays good defense, he should be at least a decent player.

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more versatile. I like wayne too though, sneaky athlete

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Definitely Henderson...

Ellington playing good defense? Maybe on some nights... But Gerald plays good defense all the time. Obviously Wayne can shoot better, but Gerald's good with everything else.

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Henderson, and its not

Henderson, and its not close.

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Since When?

Since when has Wayne Ellington been a good defender? I would take Henderson,Im sure he will be a solid player in the NBA

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Wayne has the edge- shooting

Wayne has the edge- shooting wise but Gerald can do everything else! he also seems to have more heart than Wayne, I hate duke but I have to admit Gerald kept them going in tough times and singlehandely led them to wins, if only he had more support...

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