Gerald Henderson

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Gerald Henderson

When I watch Gerald Henderson's game, he reminds me of a young Kobe Bryant. The way GH plays, moves on the court, shots the baskteball, and impacts the game on an athletic level compares alot to the young 19-20 year old Kobe. I feel like if GH can improve his mid-range jump shot where he can knock it down consistently and extends his range comfortably out to the 3point lane along with improving his ball handling where he can create more for himself and attack the basket better and penetrate, he can be a poor man's Kobe Bryant.

I want to have you guys opinions on Gerald Henderson's future in the league along with his potential because i feel he can be a borderline all-star player if he makes the improvements in his game.

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I think Kobe Bryant is kinda

I think Kobe Bryant is kinda stretching it.... Don't ya think so?

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More playing time

I think Henderson needs more playing time before we can actually assess his potential in the league. He has good size and strength for a guard: 6'5" and 215 lbs, but needs to work on his outside shot.


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I think this season is going

I think this season is going to be make or break for Henderson, he's old enough that he needs to produce in the extended minutes he'll get with Jackson and Wallace gone. He seems like he's pretty streaky with his shooting, and isn't always in attack mode, but it's possible he was just deferring to the veterans and was stifled by Larry Brown's demanding coaching style.

He's shown he can be a high scorer in Summer League, now its time to bring it with the big boys. I'm still disappointed Alec Burks wasn't drafted to fill his spot.

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not kobe

he reminds me of a young kobe when it comes to his build..but as a baller he is more comparable to a young doug christie, good D, decent shot, pretty athletic, a decent 2nd or 3rd option for a team

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