Georgia Tech

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Georgia Tech

Im a big Georgia Tech fan and I was wondering what yaull thought about them not just this year but down the road. They start 3 freshman and they are arguably their best players. They have a true 7 foot center in Daniel Miller who is only getting better and more confident. Whats been holding this team back is point guard play and there loosing there starting pg but honestly that is a good thing. They have a freshman pg this year in Solomon Poole who should still be a hs senior this year but enrolled early and he will take over next year and has alot of potential. Brian Gregory is recruiting good as he should be considering all of the hs talent in Atlanta/Ga. Would like to know what yaull think about them as a team and individually if they have a shot to get drafted in a couple years. Guys like Marcus Hunt, Chris Bolden, and Robert Carter Jr who is very skilled for a big guy and will only get better after a year of strength and conditioning. Also I think they are a top 25 team next year and can make a serious run the year after when those freshman are juniors. Thoughts?!?!?!?

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