Gasol gets no respect

I heard on the radio the other night ( wfan660 Ny)that kobe is going to the finals withought a dominant big man. Gasol had a great season and it isnt over. Just because he isnt Shaq in his prime doesnt mean he isnt dominant. Very few elite bigs are in the class with shaq in his prime.

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it is hard to respect Pau

it is hard to respect Pau Gasol or the Lakers Championship when the NBA basically fixed that trade for the Lakers to be a better team and more marketable team. Kobe could not do it by himself and the NBA seen this so they had to fixed that trade. It is obvious. The Lakers have ruined the integrity of NBA basketball. Throughout the whole play offs I notice a 6 for two deal. Every time the opposing team teams score 6 points in a row the reffs call 2 fouls to stop the momentum. Replay the games and see the truth for yourselves. The NBA needs money and the Knicks have been the number one in revenue for a long time with the NBA. Good or bad they make the most money, so the NBA is not going to fix something that is not broken. THe lakers fans are the biggest ban-waggon type fans. When the lakers stuggle the fans stop commiting and the entire revenue for the lakers drop. People should realize that you cant respect this. the integrity of the sport is compromised. They are paper/fixed champions and even laker fans know this but they have no integrity too. I wish the NBA was fair and stop being bias. It probably wont happen because it is a business decision.

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