Fuquan Ewdin

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Fuquan Ewdin

What am I missing here? I am not singling out this site in any way as I haven't really seen this guy mentioned on any draft site. However, I just don't see why he isn't considered at least a solid second round prospect, if not a first round one. Edwin has great length with very good athleticism to go along with a 6'6 205 pound frame which gives him ideal dimensions for his hybrid guard/foward position. He is one the best defenders in the nation, even if he doesn't get much attention. His scoring is also very solid and has increased considerably throughout his years at Seton Hall. Perhaps there is something wrong with him that I just haven't realized, but why is this guy never talked about??

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I agree he is very solid.

I agree he is very solid. Could be a very good 6th man type guy.

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reminds me a lot of wilson

reminds me a lot of wilson chandler

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