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shamon,dude where have you

shamon,dude where have you been for the past few months you must've been living overseas? this was the talk of the internet back during the

i went to college in huntsville,alabama..and had a friend that lived in those same apartments antoine is standing out in front of...i lived about 3 miles away...but i went there every weekend..becuz the girls that lived there..wanted to get away from that place so bad..even if it was only a hour..

the police were afraid to go into those areas without backup....there were some straight up mental & ignorant folks in those projects..that had no morals at all...and would tell you they didnt care what happen to them or what they had to do to get what they wanted even if they had to kill someone or spend time in prison to get it...there were a few intelligent people there i say about 30%..but the 70% would sometime ruin the lives of the 30%...

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You're about five months late muchacho.

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This was funny in like the

This was funny in like the 90,s.

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