Full Court Press

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Full Court Press

Do you think there will ever again be a team in the NBA that runs the full court press?

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not full time. the nba is too

not full time. people would have to be superhuman to not get tired from that much pressure.

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the warriors had a huge problem with it in the fourth quarters of the nuggets series.

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Oh the Warriors had some bad

Oh the Warriors had some bad inbound passes too due to a lot of pressure.

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I'm still waiting on a 1-3-1

I'm still waiting on a 1-3-1

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Mike Dunlap

tried to press full court at the start of the season. I think the Bobcats were 7-5 before reality set in.

When Avery Bradley picks his man up full court its great to look at the reaction he gets from the other player when they see what he is doing. It's almost like a "is this dude serious" type of look.

I think it can be effective in stretches, but presses are too easy to pass through and get layups, unless you just put your head down and try to dribble through 3 guys. Also since the NBA floor is much bigger, there is just too much ground to cover.

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Would work. What kills a lot of NBA teams is that they no system. They draft players based on need and hope to god some work out. Most of the NBA greatest teams were built on the luck of the lottery more so than proper systems or planning. So if a team drafted players that could play the uptempo and press full court, in time they would be able to win big in my opinion. They would have to be a deep team, but when you pressure teams many times they run out of gas in the 4th quarter, because they are not prepared for it.

I don't suggest doing it for 48 minutes, but for 20 plus minutes a game you could drive the other team nuts.

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I feel like a team eventually

I feel like a team eventually can. But they'd have to be deep. The full-court press eventually makes guys tired, so if a team would use it I don't see anyone getting more ten 28 minutes. They'd have to do what VCU does and play 12 guys every night. So if a team is deep, they could maybe have it work.

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Yeah they'd have to be

Yeah they'd have to be basically 12 players deep and switch teams constantly, not sure it would be helpful enough to be worth it but maybe.

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Absolutely not. NBA players

Absolutely not. NBA players are too big, too athletic, quick in the open court..and too good in the open court in general. They are huge targets so its easier to pass over the top and once they get a 3-2, 2-1 advantage it's lights out.
Pitino tried to bring that stuff to the NBA and he failed miserably. Even this past yr, the Bobcats pressed in the preseason and it worked for them. Then regular season came around and their press got shredded.

3/4 or 1/2 court traps are better, because the distance to recover is smaller. George Karl's teams trap and they used to trap even more when he was with the Sonics. He actually had some success, but then again his traps were spearheaded by GP and Nate McMillan.

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NBA point guards are too good

NBA point guards are too good for full court pressure to be effective more than every once and a while. Guys like Westbrook, CP3, Parker, Rose, Rondo, Rubio, Kyrie, Wall, etc. can break a full court press single handedly and it would end up burning the team on D. When you see a team like Louisville successfully press full court the majority of the game it's because most college teams don't have a guy that can break a press on his own. The Nuggets did have some success doing it against the Warriors in the Playoffs, but that was because the Warriors were absolutely terrible at getting the ball in (it was actually hard to watch) and most teams in the NBA wouldn't have that problem.

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Useless to press when you can bail out with a timeout...

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If you're facing Indiana's

If you're facing Indiana's point guards, maybe. 90% of the league has the ball handling and speed to really have no problem breaking presses.

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