Friday Night GameThread: Kobe Passed? Aliens.

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Friday Night GameThread: Kobe Passed? Aliens.

Talk about the Lakers-OKC and Rockets-Dubs games here.

Los Angeles vs. Oklahoma City: Kobe's playing PG tonight because they don't have any healthy decent PG to play right now. The Thunder have won 12 out of their last 13 and are looking unstoppable right now. While this game probably won't be close, it sure will be fun to watch.

Houston vs. Warriors: Rockets are starting out nicely, putting some pressure on the Spurs for the Southwestern division crown, while the Dubs have been struggling lately. Maybe it's because of the loss of some key bench players. No one knows. Hopefully they can turn it around, since they're so awesome to watch.

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Warriors have been without

Warriors have been without Iggy for a few games. They need him to be a contender.

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That Warriors/Rockets game is

That Warriors/Rockets game is going to be fun.

How many 3's will be made by both teams combined?

Over/Under: 20

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That patented finger wag with

That patented finger wag with the tape doe...

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