Freshmen Comps i think you'll like...

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Freshmen Comps i think you'll like...

so i saw that one post a few days ago about this one basketball anime "Kuroko no Basket". So i watched and also read (manga) the crap out of it. now i've come to this conclusion:

Aaron Gordon = Kagami (Extreme Hops with one on one defense)

Joel Embiid = Murasakibara (athletic, defensive center with Offense as his REAL potential)

Jabari Parker/McDermott = Midorima (Mainly a shooter, and a damn good one. but can do other things)

Andrew Wiggins =Aomine (okay, this one's a stretch cuz they play nothing alike, but who plays like aomine anyway? i just thought Wiggins is considered #1 among freshmen, Aomine is considered the ace)

Tyler Ennis = Akashi (incredible leadership and can do everything out side the post at an above avg or better level)

Julius Randle = Nebuya (from Rakuzan) (just a bully down low)

Zach Lavine = Mebuchi (from Rakuzan) (the deep ball is his calling card but can pull off some athletic finishes)

idk if you guys got as far aas the manga (which is great) but i'm just chiming in for fun

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If I read this, I'd chip in my thoughts on it. I don't so I can't really say much about this.

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You're comparing real

You're comparing real prospects to cartoon characters?? Don't get me wrong, I studied Japanese and am vaguely familiar with the subject of which you speak of, but you'd surely have to think the majority of the people on this site have absolutely no clue what you're talking about, hence not many replies.

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