Free Agents.....

These are just some of the players I like that just happen to be free agents. Just wondering if anybody has heard any rumors or has any insight on which team these players may sign with????? Or just give your predictions on which teams may try to sign any of these players.

Restricted Free Agents

Rashad McCants
Marvin Williams
Raymond Felton
Glen Davis
Sean May
Chris Quinn
David Lee

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more important guys


bibby, marbury, b. gordon, birdman, artest, r. wallace, ariza, odom, and here's the lebron of the 2009 free agency; shavlick randolph. there are some more restricted guys you left out and guys who can opt out, we'll hae to wait and see. Cavs need to sign someone imo. charlie v could help matchup with the magic. probably 4 or 5 guys might change teams.

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i think artest would fit

i think artest would fit with the blazers he called brandon roy the hardest player to guard in the leage, and the blazers have a little bit of cap space and he would bring the blazers the toughness they need, but they would have to get rid of two of batum wester and outlaw.

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I know there are a lot more

I know there are a lot more free agents that I didn't list. I was just listing players that I like.

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I don't know any rumors, but my guess would be that Marvin, Raymond, Glen, and David all stay where they are at. Sean, Rashad,and Chris are probably going to be twealth men who need to take the minimum.

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Im pretty sure Allen Iverson will be a unrestricted free agent. He could bring some veteran leadership to a team, like Lindsey Hunter to the Bulls. Ive heard about him going to the Bobcats, and he might help Augustine become a better pro.

Despite being on what seems to be the downfall of his career, he can really play the game and people shouldnt forget he went 1st overall in arguably the best draft ever, 1996.

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Free Agents and the NBA Draft

What does a thread on NBA Free Agents have to do with the draft? This could be an interesting topic over in the NBA forum.

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I like how the majority of your picks are from UNC. Just saying but it is impossible to know if a player is favoring a certain team or not.

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I think this free agent

I think this free agent thread is important because it affects who will draft who and what a team really needs.

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My bad I guess I could've

My bad I guess I could've started this under the NBA forum. Yeah most of the players are UNC, I'm a fan.

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Re: AI

he doesn't want to come off the bench. it will stunt augustin's growth. he could've made an impact in the pistons if the pistons traded rip. AI could've thrived next to a big guard (Stuckey), except rip needed to take his shots as well.

he's too good to have a role of lindsey hunter. he needs to find a team with a big pg so he can start at sg and guard the pg of the opposing team while the pg of his team guards the sg of the other team.

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Given his unwillingness to

Given his unwillingness to come off the bench, this kills any option of a contender taking a shot at AI unless their 2 guard gets injured. By closing that door, AI's best chance is to hook up with a rebuilding team that will have him as the star as they go through a couple of losing seasons. While his talent is unquestioned, his inability to accept a role on a team makes him a potential locker room "cancer" type player, and he hasn't exactly been the best behaved player even at his peak.

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