Free Agent Power Rankings: Point Guard

With the season coming to a bittersweet ending, I think its time to start looking toward the offseason on how to improve this roster, and by doing so, its important to look at a number of options we have at each position and rank them in order of attainability and role they would play for the team. We dont have much to spend this offseason, just the MLE im pretty sure, and then vet minimum contracts (correct me if im wrong please). We also have one 1st round pick that could very well be used on a PG.

Point Guard was a shaky position for us this season. Woodson likes having lots of guys that can bring the ball up the court and we often would play 2 point guard lineups. With the loss of Kidd, and possibly Prigioni, I think the point guard position is an obvious hole that will be improved upon during the offseason. I would love to bring Prigs back for the vet min, and bring in another guy that we could play at the 1 and slide Felton over to the 2 at times.

1. Chris Paul - nearly impossible to free up enough capspace to bring him in unless we unloaded Amare and Tyson for pure capspace.
2. Jarret Jack - He would be a great fit on this Knick team as a replacement for JR Smith. Hes clutch, hes big enough to defend 2's in the small lineups that Woodson likes to run, but again, he is likely to stay with the Warriors if all he can get is a MLE offer.
3. Darren Collison - Could be another good fit, as a scorer and backup point guard that could potentially be groomed into a starter in the future. Again, a bit out of our price range at the point guard spot.
4. Jose Calderon - Great at getting teammates involved, and hitting open jumpers. Coming off a big contract where he played for a losing team, I could see him signing with a top team for a bargain contract.
5. Devin Harris - a good combo guard that was once an All Star across the river, and would have an opportunity to compete for a starting job.
6. Pablo Prigioni - reluctant scorer, but still capable, and a great defensive player and a guy that plays within himself offensively. He knows our system, but hes old and shouldnt be relied upon for heavy minutes if Felton were to go down.
7. Nate Robinson - Its conceivable to see Nate back in orange and blue. He loved it here last time, and with a veteran group to keep him in check he would be a great guy to be able to bring in to get some points off the bench. Not a great "point guard", but as a backup, he could be valuable, and he can still play big minutes in a pinch. Really depends on JR.
8. Will Bynum - Another great scorer and ball handler that would be solid off the bench for us but has never been a consistent starter in his career.
9. Beno Udrih - His game could translate to NYK really well. Hes a hard worker, and a good shooter, and hes big enough to put on some 2 guards if we are running a small lineup.
10. CJ Watson - Has played in some big games, and can hit open shots, and hes still young. He would be a great fit here, and would definitely get an opportunity to get consistent minutes on this squad.

What other free agent point guards do you see as being available for what we have to offer?

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