four team trade.

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four team trade.

The Toronto Raptors and Dallas Mavericks agreed in principle Wednesday night to a complicated four-team sign-and-trade deal including the Memphis Grizzlies and Orlando Magic that will land Shawn Marion in Dallas and Hedo Turkoglu in Toronto, sources close to the process told

The teams have scheduled a trade call for Thursday.

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The Raptors and Magic agreed to handle Turkoglu as a sign and trade for two reasons. First it allowed the Magic to acquire a significant $8 million plus trade exception. Second, it allowed the Raptors to retain their mid-level exception. The Raptors are now free to spend their full mid-level on another free agent.

Several other players including the Raptors' Kris Humphries and Quincy Douby, the Mavericks' Jerry Stackhouse, Devean George and Antoine Wright and the Grizzlies' Greg Buckner are part of the trade according to sources. The Grizzlies will be getting Stackhouse, Douby and cash, sources said. George and Wright will end up in Toronto, according to the same sources. Humphries and Buckner are on their way to Dallas.

Including Humphries, Wright and George in the deal gave the Raptors the financial incentive to do the sign and trade. Both George and Wright are in the last year of their contracts. Humphries has two years left on his current deal. In addition, the Raptors are in need of a two guard with the departure of Anthony Parker to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Adding Wright to the mix gives them a credible starter until rookie DeMar DeRozan is ready to contribute.

Dallas is hoping that the combination of Marion and Orlando restricted free agent Marcin Gortat -- along with the re-signing of Jason Kidd -- would greatly improve the depth and flexibility possessed by a team that won 50 games last season and advanced to the second round of the playoffs before losing to Denver.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban has said for months that he was prepared to be as aggressive as possible this summer as opposed to waiting for the free-agent bonanza of 2010, when Dallas was initially expected to have substantial cap space. Orlando retains the right to match any offer sheet to Gortat but the Magic are widely expected not to match.

Sources say that the Mavericks, meanwhile, are determined to keep Josh Howard even if a trade for Marion can be worked out, with Howard entering the final year of his contract. One potential drawback for Dallas is the fact that Marion would be yet another key member of their core over the age of 30, joining Nowitzki (31), Kidd (36), Jason Terry (31) and Howard (who turns 30 next April).

Sources say the Mavericks' plan is to play Marion at the three and move Howard to the two. The Mavs will also sport other looks with Howard at the three, Marion at the four and Nowitzki at the five.

Marion earned $17.8 million last season and was traded for the second straight February when Miami sent him to Toronto in a swap for Jermaine O'Neal. He went from Phoenix to Miami one year earlier in the Shaquille O'Neal trade.

The Raptors were intent on re-signing Marion if they couldn't win the Turkoglu sweepstakes, seeing late-season signs of promise in Marion's collaboration alongside Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani. Sources say that the Cavaliers, despite their recent pursuits of Trevor Ariza and Ron Artest and a well-chronicled need for a combo forward, were not making a hard push for Marion.

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This will go down as a

This will go down as a underrated deal and also Toronto is making some smart moves.

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calderon/derozan/turkoglu/bosh/bargnani . . . . . . . nice looking starting lineup, but the bench is week

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Yeah they might have the

Yeah they might have the weakest bench in the league but the addition of Antoine Wright gives them a descent sixth-man if he doesn't take DeRozan's spot and Devean George will most likely get bought out his contract then sign with a contender( Maybe even Dallas i seen it happen before)

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Bryan Colangelo...

The fact that the Raptors bench is very weak is precisely why Bryan Colangelo has sparked and organized this trade.

With Hedo Turkoglu allegedly accepting the Toronto Raptors offer for the 5 year $53 million dollar deal, the entire Salary Cap would be spent for the Raptors, and the would then have to renounce Shawn Marion, Anthony Parker, and Carlos Delfino. Colangelo made a brilliant move, giving up Kris Humphries with his heavy contract, and Quincy Douby because of his minimal contribution to the team, they now bring in Devean George and Antoine Wright, who both are good bench players and have no high expectations other than being solid team players. As well as now allowing the Raptors to use their Mid-Level exception, and sign another quality free agent.

The new roster:

C - Andrea Barnani, Patrick O'Bryant, Nathan Jawai
PF - Chris Bosh, Reggie Evans, Pops Mensah-Bonsu
SF - Hedo Turkoglu, Devean George,
SG - DeMar DeRozan, Antoine Wright,
PG - Jose Calderon, Roko Ukic, Marcus Banks

Also since the Raptors have rebuilt the coaching staff by signing Jay Triano as Head Coach and Assistant Coaches Marc Ivaroni, Alvin Williams, while bringing back Mike Evans and Alex English. They now have a rebuilt Raptors team, while the Core remaining the same with Jose Calderon, Andrea Bargnani and most importantly Chris Bosh.

With this roster above plus another Free Agent being signed, the team would be completely different that what it has been in the past few years, in terms of bench and supporting players, and can now enter this season with great promise.

But the most brilliant part to this trade, is that at the end of this year the Raptors can offer a great organization and opportunity for either Chris Bosh or any large profile Free Agent in 2010.

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I think they will use this trade to free up some money to sign Carlos Delfino, which is a smart move. He played well for them before he left for his big contract in Russia. Maybe someone else too. I still think they will have a weak bench though and too many jump shooting big men.

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but also toronto has their

but also toronto has their mid-level exception so they can get someone good in the free agence.

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Delfino Will Probably Come

Delfino Will Probably Come And Start at SG........Derozan Is Just Not Ready

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