Forum All Stars Mock Draft 2012

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Forum All Stars Mock Draft 2012

An all star team of forum posters was assembled to put together a mock draft. The picks were made with complete logic and reason, the captions were made with a more light hearted approach.

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Note: OrangeJuiceJones died valiently during the making of this mock draft and was therefore unable to explain his picks.

1. New Orleans (Y2G) - Anthony Davis

He has a unibrow, what else needs to be said?

2. Charlotte (mikeyvthedon) - Thomas Robinson

The Bobcats have a 20 sided die deciding what to do with “the pick after Anthony Davis”. With Bradley Beal and Harrison Barnes being floated as a possible Bobcats/Cavs trade scenario, look for them to hold onto the pick and take the “safe pick” of Robinson. On his first day of training camp, expect Robinson to legitimately question whether his Jayhawks might have rather faced the Bobcats instead of the Wildcats in the 2012 NCAA Title Game.

3. Washington (McDunkin) - Bradley Beal

Well you guys made this easy for the Wizards huh? An all around player that can score from anywhere on the court, defend and rebound; he should fit in well next to John Wall and make an instant impact.

4. Cleveland (nbanflguy) - Harrison Barnes

Cleveland takes Barnes with the 4th pick and now seems to have a solid future with ROY Irving and Barnes in the fold. Dan Gilbert sends out a mass email to all media guarenteeing that the Cavs will win 2 titles before Lebron wins his next one.

5. Sacramento (OrangeJuiceJones) - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

6. Portland (butidonthavemoney) - Damian Lillard

I bet you're expecting some sort of an injury joke here, but I'm going to take the high road and draw attention to the fact that the Nets traded this pick for 16 fun-filled games of Gerald Wallace.

7. Golden State (Y2G) - Andre Drummond

This has to be the highest pick to ever shoot 29% from the line.

8. Toronto (mikeyvthedon) - Dion Waiters

With both marquee SF’s off of the board, the Raptors take the approach of moving DeMar DeRozan to the 3 spot with Waiters being their scoring guard. Waiters was seen as the first “promise” pick beyond the inevitable first selection, though Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo claimed the Raptors were not involved. At the post-draft press conference, Colangelo will clarify, “A pinkie swear is NOT a promise.”

9. Detroit (McDunkin) - John Henson

Besides looking to add to their number of awkward looking bigs (shout out to Charlie V) he Pistons add a defensive big that actually has he height to play next to Monroe and will allow him to spend more time at his natural position.

10. New Orleans (nbanflguy) - Kendall Marshall

In every draft there are surprises and the first major suprise comes from the Hornets at #10. With word coming out that the Hornets will match any offer for Eric Gordon, they skip on Austin Rivers and go with the PG out of UNC. Years later they will admit that they actually meant to go with Stilman White, seeminly unaware that he is not in the draft.

11. Portland (OrangeJuiceJones) - Austin Rivers

12. Houston (butidonthavemoney) - Tyler Zeller

Athletic bigs with unusally long wingspans are often referred to as "condors". While Zeller is a solid athlete with an average wingspan, the term doesn't really apply to him. For the sake of bird comparisons (which is why we all come to in the first place), he's more of an ostrich.

13. Phoenix (Y2G) - Jeremy Lamb

Remember Tracy McGrady's crazy eye? Well Lamb has two of them.

14. Milwaukee (mikeyvthedon) - Meyers Leonard

The Bucks trade down a couple picks and get a 7-1 center that made huge strides during his sophomore season at Illinois. Leonard has bulked up and gets to learn the ropes from Samuel Dalembert. Sam's greatest gift is as a goal tender, which would help if the Bucks were playing soccer or hockey. Seeing that they play basketball, Leonard might want to find a different mentor.

15. Philadelphia (McDunkin) - Andrew Nicholson

Somewhere Craig Brackins gently weeps as Canada invades the first round again. Nicholson and his all around skill set go to Philly. He has been compared to David West, but I think he already might have a better shot and low post moves. Now can anyone tell me exactly where St.Bonaventure is?

16. Houston (nbanflguy) - Terrence Ross

The Rockets use one of their 50 first round picks on the sharp shooting Ross with the intent of shipping him off to orlando in a Dwight Howard trade. Imagine their despair when the Magic trade Dwight to the Nets. Now the Rockets have 50 rookies on team. Way to go Houston.

17. Dallas (OrangeJuiceJones) - Marquis Teague

18. Houston (butidonthavemoney) - Arnett Moultrie

I think Moultrie is a great pick-up outside the lottery. He has great size, a pretty balanced skill-set and a decent amount of potential left. Besides, everybody knows Houston has a fetish for power forwards. They won't let him slide past here.

19. Orlando (Y2G) - Moe Harkless

After looking up the word ‘Hark’ on urbandictionary, I’m not sure whether this pick was good or not.

20. Denver (mikeyvthedon) - Royce White

The Nuggets will crush the Celtics hopes and draft Royce White one pick prior to their first selection. White was a do everything player during his lone season at Iowa State, showing tremendous versatility and rare court vision. He apparently grew a beard as a tribute to John Lennon. Denver just hopes that his girlfriend is nothing like Yoko Ono.

21. Boston (McDunkin) - Terrence Jones

With KG leaving/retiring Terrence could be just the head case the Celtics need. But if KG does in fact return, his tutelage along with the decent playing time he will surely see could be the best thing for this young lefty's career.

22. Boston (nbanflguy) - Fab Melo

Knowing Garnett is on his last legs, the Celtics look to the future and draft the always Fabulous Melo to protect the rim for years to come. Looking at his GPA, it is safe to assume that he is the first "special" person to play in the NBA.

23. Atlanta (OrangeJuiceJones) - Perry Jones

24. Cleveland (butidonthavemoney) - Jared Sullinger

Coincidentally, I bet the Caviliers would have drafted Sullinger with the 4th overall pick last year had he declared. You can't fight fate, Sully. Delaying fate, however, can cost you upwards of $13 million dollars on your rookie contract. Tough break.

25. Memphis (Y2G) - Doron Lamb

If he doesn’t make it he always has a job as a reporter waiting for him.

26. Indiana (mikeyvthedon) - Draymond Green

Larry Legend is calling it quits, with the front office going back to Donnie Walsh with Kevin Pritchard getting another shot at GM. The Pacers go the tested and true route with the 2012 Big 10 Player of the Year. Well, yellow and blue make Green, so I guess picking him was the next logical step.

27. Miami (McDunkin) - Festus Ezeli

Fresh off his solid senior season with Vanderbilt’s own big three, Festus will use his athleticism, size, strength and defensive prowess to fill in the always needed “5th player on the floor role” for the Heat. But will he be able to live up to past holders of this title such as Joel Anthony, Dexter Pittman, and Eddy Curry?

28. Oklahoma City (Jeff Long) - Evan Fournier

The Thunder's GM has a secret connection overseas that recomends this pick. His contact, the mysterious European Baller tells him that Fournier is easily better than any SG in the NBA. What could possibly go wrong?

29. Chicago (OrangeJuiceJones) - John Jenkins

30. Golden State (butidonthavemoney) - Jeffery Taylor

Taylor is tough, athletic and experienced. Good fit for a young team trying to break into the playoffs. His biggest weakness at this point is his lack of ball-handling ability, so don't expect him to fill in for Curry when the inevitable ankle injury occur.

31. Charlotte (Y2G) - Tony Wroten

I didn’t even know who was picking here and had to re-do the pick. Of course that has to happen to my favorite player in the draft.

32. Washington (mikeyvthedon) - Quincy Miller

Once considered a possibility as the top NBA prospect in the 2011 high school class, an ACL injury and a so-so one year stint at Baylor could make Q a 2nd round selection. He has personality and confidence, not to mention some rare skills for a player of his size. The major issue will be playing on a Wizards team that already takes more shots than a Bachelor party. Quincy will more than likely start off as a designated driver.

33. Cleveland (McDunkin) - Jared Cunningham

Nothing helps your stock like a 40 inch vert, so a 40+ vert combined with a good amount of defensive potential have made this kid a high riser. Look for him and Kyrie to connect on a few exciting plays this season and to also give Cavs fans have a reason to have hope again…maybe…but probably not.

34. Cleveland (nbanflguy) - Miles Plumlee

With the success of ROY Kyrie Irving, Dan Gilbert believes he has found the answer to one of the world's deepest mysteries, "Why do Duke players suck in the NBA?"

35. Golden State (OrangeJuiceJones) - Will Barton

36. Sacramento (butidonthavemoney) - Quincy Acy

While Acy isn't a particularly skilled or smart player, he makes some sense with the Kings. Unlike almost every other player on their roster, he doesn't need the ball to be effective offensively. Maybe his energy and efficiency will rub off on his teammates... Maybe not.

37. Toronto (Y2G) - William Buford

If this was 2009 I would’ve had to use a lottery pick on him. Safe to say I lucked out.

38. Denver (mikeyvthedon) - Darius Miller

The invaluable senior on the 2012 Kentucky Wildcats NCAA Title team, Miller will more than likely be the last of 6 drafted Wildcats. He brings a solid shooting stroke, with an ability to play either wing position. Had he been a sophomore instead of senior, teams might be tripping over themselves for his services instead of letting him slip into almost mid-second round.

39. Detroit (McDunkin) - Khris Middleton

With all of the shoot first guards they have, Kris will help move the ball around a little more while also being able to score here and there when needed. I'm excited to see how he performs in the Detroit edition of the Bobcats 2011-12 “Maggette System”.

40. Portland (nbanflguy) - Furkan Aldemir

Late into the 2nd round the GM has hunger on his mind. Aldemir is from Turkey. He is the pick here. That's it. Nothing more to it.

41. Portland (OrangeJuiceJones) - Drew Gordon

42. Milwaukee (butidonthavemoney) - Tornike Shengelia

Tornike Shengelia is a 6'9" small forward with good toughness and solid overall potential. Tornike's the kind of player you like to take in the second round; low risk/moderate upside. There's also a chance you'll never hear Tornike's name again after the draft, so you better get your money's worth now. Tornike.

43. Atlanta (Y2G) - JaMychal Green

Has there ever been a McDonalds All American with less hype then Green? 4 year starter, 1656 points, 912 rebounds, All SEC freshman, All SEC 1st Team, All SEC 2nd team and yet still hardly anybody knows who he is.

44. Detroit (mikeyvthedon) - Kim English

His Missouri Tigers team may have busted numerous brackets with their shocking NCAA Tournament loss to Norfolk St, but Kim had a solid senior season. English is good at a number of things and while his 3 point shooting percentage was excellent his last season (45.9%) it might be too much to expect similar results for the Pistons. The Pistons ultimately hope English goes back to his Big 12 Tournament status as opposed to “the game that tore one million brackets”.

45. Philadelphia (McDunkin) - Kevin Murphy

Kevin could provide the perimeter scoring the 76ers could use at the 2. At the Portsmouth Invitational he proved he can still score against tougher talent than what he saw at Tennessee tech. I see him as potentially being the smoothest shooting Murphy since Eddie…but only slightly better than Charlie.

46. New Orleans (nbanflguy) - Robbie Hummell

His stock took a hit with his two torn ACLs, but the Hornets roll the dice here. McDunkin cant think of a Derrick Favors joke and it looks like Nbanflguy cant come up with a decent Robbie Hummel joke. Instead here is a Hornets joke:
What do you call an New Orleans Hornets player with a championship ring?
A thief.

47. Utah (OrangeJuiceJones) - Tyshawn Taylor

48. New York (butidonthavemoney) - Kyle O'Quinn

You can never have enough beef on your bench, and foward/center Kyle O'Quinn is Grade A, low fat, mega protein ultra beef. He sweats brine and spits gravy. Seriously.

49. Orlando (Y2G) - Scott Machado

Another urbandictionary mystery here.

50. Denver (mikeyvthedon) - Tomas Satoransky

Long thought of as one of the top European prospects in his age group, seems like an ideal stash pick for the Nuggets. Satoransky has shooting guard size and a point guard’s game, with athleticism and flair as part of the package. Thought of as a possible first round pick, his questionable shot and thin frame might make him a stash pick that pays off down the line. If the Nuggets could bring him over right away, the Danny DeVito/Arnold Schwarzenegger “Twins” campaign of the Ty Lawson/Tomas Satoransky PG duo might be an excellent marketing tool.

51. Boston (McDunkin) - Kevin Jones

How did he fall his low? Does he have a bad back? Bad knees? A lazy eye? I don’t know, but if this happens somebody will regret it. Anyway he is a strong dude with a nice offensive game that always gives 100% and is a great leader. Kind of like a young me, if my mom says so herself.

52. Golden State (nbanflguy) - Hollis Thompson

Can he shoot threes? Check
Is he athletic? Check
Does he excel at defense? No
Warriors have their guy.

53. LA Clippers (OrangeJuiceJones) - Kris Joseph

54. Philadelphia (butidonthavemoney) - Bernard James

Sixers draft defensive-minded big man, Grandpa James, who served bravely as a staff sergeant in the Air Force for an unknown number of years (scouts estimate between six and thirty-five). Show some respect, whippersnapper!

55. Detroit (Y2G) - Mike Scott

1. Acquire Corey Maggette
2. Surround him with forwards.
3. ???

56. Toronto (mikeyvthedon) - Kostas Papanikolaou

Taste of the Danforth would have a new major celebrity if Toronto chose this young Greek star. One might go broke if they bought all of the vowels in his last name; just know that his solid play was a major factor in Olympiacos winning the Euroleague Championship in 2012. Kostas went 8/8 (5/5 from 3) from the field in the Euroleague. Many Europeans will be fuming at how low he was taken in the Draft. These names should make them slightly more optimistic: James Johnson, Linas Kleiza and Gary Forbes. Immediate playing time might not be out of the question.

57. Brooklyn (McDunkin) - Jet Chang

Ok guys well look…Hey stop shaking your head MikeyV…he is a 6’4” sg from the D-2 BYU-Hawaii. He is a great shooter with good athleticism as he showed in his work out with Terrance Ross. Now before you all give mental negs ask yourself…could he be any worse than Chu Chu Maduabum?

58. Minnesota (nbanflguy) - Darius Johnson-Odom

David Khan wanted to draft Sam Gallenberger, but this guy named MikeyV put a stop to it. Instead they throw a dart at the wall and end up with sharp-shooter, Darius Johnson-Odom.

59. San Antonio (OrangeJuiceJones) - Maalik Wayns

60. LA Lakers (butidonthavemoney) - Josep Franch

Joseph Franch is flying under the radar a bit, but he's a quality point guard prospect that could contribute on an NBA roster. He'll look to follow in the footsteps of Isaiah Thomas before him, and become a relevant Mr. Irrelevant.

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The funniest part? McDunkin was the one who explained his picks the most seriously

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The funniest part? McDunkin was the one who explained his picks the most seriously

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You guys did a mock

You guys did a mock draft...............without me? :(

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Well im proud of myself..if i

Well im proud of myself..if i do say so myself

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Update: Ollie’s agent Bill

Update: Ollie’s agent Bill Neff confirmed to HOOPSWORLD Thursday afternoon that an agreement has been made between Ollie and UConn for him to be their next head coach. Neff said the conditions were not ideal but he knows what he’s getting himself into.

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