Former McDonald's All-Americans 98'-06'

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Former McDonald's All-Americans 98'-06'

With all the hype surrounding H.S. prospects, you would expect McDonald's players to succeed. Here is my list of players that never panned out to live up to the expectations. Can anyone tell me what happen to the player if they know?

Korleone Young-Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham,VA)
JaRon Rush-UCLA
Jason Capel-UNC
Vincent Yarbrough-Tennessee
Dane Fife-Indiana
Kevin Lyde-Temple
Ray Young-UCLA
Teddy Dupay-Florida
Frank Williams-Illinois
Danny Miller-Maryland
Erick Barkley-St. John's
Jeff Buschee-Kansas
Donyell Harvey-Florida
Joe Forte-UNC
Marvin Stone-Kentucky
LaVell Blanchard-Michigan
Brett Nelson-Florida
Kenny Satterfield-Cincinnati
Casey Sanders-Duke
DeMarr Johnson-Cincinnati
Brian Cook-Illinois
Majestic Mapp-UVA
Marcus Taylor-Michigan State
Mario Austin-Mississippi State
Taliek Brown-UCONN
Omar Cook-St. John's
Jerome Harper-Iowa
Alton Ford-Houston
Andre Barrett-Seton Hall
Darius Rice-Miami
Rolando Howell-South Carolina
Travon Bryant-Missouri
Garner Meads-BYU
Scott Hazelton-UCONN
Scooter Sherrill-NC State
Brian Boddicker-Texas
Neil Fingleton-UNC
Kelvin Torbert-Michigan State
Dajaun Wagner-Memphis
Ousmane Cisse-St. Jude HS (Montgomery,AL)
Julius Hodge-NC State
Rick Rickert-Minnesota
Carlos Hurt-Louisville
David Harrison-Colorado
Aaron Miles-Kansas
Cedric Bozeman-UCLA
Wayne Simien-Kansas
Rashaad Carruth-Kentucky
James White-Florida
Anthony-Richardson-Florida St.
Daniel Ewing-Duke
Chris Thomas-Notre Dame
Rashad McCants-UNC
Jason Fraser-Villanova
Paul Davis-Michigan State
DeAngelo Collins-Inglewood HS (Inglewood,CA)
Bracey Wright-Indiana
Evan Burns-San Diego State
Daniel Horton-Michigan
Anthony Roberson-Florida
Dee Brown-Illinois
Hassan Adams-Arizona
Sean Dockery-Duke
Brad Buckman-Texas
Elijah Ingram-St. John's
Travis Garrison-Maryland
Eric Williams-Wake Forest
Torin Francis-Notre Dame
Ndudi Ebi-Westbury Christian School (Houston,TX)
Brian Butch-Wisconsin
David Padgett-Kansas
Olu Famutimi-Arkansas
Mike Jones-Maryland
James Lang-Central Park Christian School (Birmingham,AL)
Drew Lavender-Oklahoma
Brandon Cotton-Michigan State
Ivan Harris-Ohio St
Jackie Butler-McComb HS (McComb,MS)
Darius Washington-Memphis
Robert Swift-Bakersfield HS (Bakersfield,CA)
Jawann McClellan-Arizona
DeMarcus Nelson-Duke
Mike Williams-Texas
Joe Crawford-Kentucky
Richard Hendrix-Alabama
Tasmin Mitchell-LSU
Greg Paulus-Duke
Brandon Costner-NC State
Byron Eaton-Oklahoma State
Micah Downs-Kansas
Eric Devendorf-Syracuse
Korvotney Brown-Auburn
Bobby Fraser-UNC
Luke Zeller-Notre Dame
Eric Boateng-Duke
Lance Thomas-Duke
John Scheyer-Duke
Scottie Reynolds-Villanova
James Keefe-UCLA
Tweety Carter-Baylor

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Devendorf went overseas and

Devendorf went overseas and had like 40 in a game ....Scottie reynolds is overseas too and IMO i think Darius Washington was never the same after he missed those freethrows

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Andre Barrett-Seton Hall He

Andre Barrett-Seton Hall

He had alot of shots in the NBA. Never got locked in. Actually saw in at a NYK tryout.

Donyell Harvey-Florida

Same thing. He was a monster athlete. He could jump out a gym back in HS and College.

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greg paulus

didnt he end up trasferring to syracuse and play football?

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Can anyone tell me about

Can anyone tell me about these players in particular????

Korleone Young
JaRon Rush
DeMarr Johnson
Marcus Taylor
Omar Cook
Julius Hodge
Carlos Hurt
Rashaad Carruth
Chris Thomas
DeAngelo Collins
Evan Burns
Daniel Horton
Sean Dockery
Ndudi Ebi
Jackie Butler

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Didnt Julius Hodge get shot

Didnt Julius Hodge get shot

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Had surgery on his foot and that basically ended his playing career.

Sean Dockery is statistically the best player ever to come out of the Chicago Public League. Duke screwed him over, and by Duke I mean Coach K.

Dee Brown plays overseas and gets a summer league invite every year.

Frank Williams had a couple great years in the D-League but never got a consistent shot in the NBA.

Most of everyone else had a good to great college career at the least.

Drew Lavender was one of the most exciting player I got to see when I was on the AAU circut. He should never have been recruited over at Oklahoma. He was a great pick up for Xavier. Similar to what Maurice Aker did when he transfered from Ball State to Marquette.

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DeMarr Johnson

He played in the NBA for a few years as a probably third string SF in most teams... the who knows what???

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He had a bad car accident and

He had a bad car accident and was never really the same player after that.

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JaRon Rush

He was the oldest of the Rush brothers. Had had a drinking problem when he got the NBA and didn't stick around long. Brandon is best of them.

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Jaron rush had all the

Jaron rush had all the talent. Easily the most athletic of the rush brothers but he left ucla after his sophomore year and there were reports about his drinking problems. I read a story about him on a raod trip with some team and they found him passed out in the hotel lobby and they said he drank himself out of any chance of an nba career.

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Majestic Mapp

Majestic Mapp is too cool of a name to be a NBA player

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dee brown is a failure?

dee brown is a failure?

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Jeff Buschee

I met Jeff Buschee a few years back when my high school was playing in this tourney in Kansas and he was assistant coach at the Blue Valley Northwest High School (if he's still there) and he was nice guy and aproachable. Richard Hendrix went to Bama for three years before he came out and was drafted in the second round of the 08 draft to Golden State and never fitted Nellie's style, now he is playing overseas.

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Sad that Jaron Rush didn't

Sad that Jaron Rush didn't pan out, he was one of my favorite players when he was at UCLA. If it's really the alcohol that kept him from reaching his potential then that's a shame.

Sean Dockery was a monster in the Chicago Public League, and yeah coach K never really gave him a true shot to lead the team. Here's a link I found with a good documentary on both Sean Dockery vs. Will Bynum and their battle as the top PG in Chicago back in 2001. Good video, their matchup had tons of hype for a high school game I remember.

watch all three

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McDonalds All-Americans

Your list shows that greatness on the high-school/AAU level doesn't guarantee success in college. Just about every high school player has a weakness(outside shot, foot speed, lack of strength/size) and it will get exposed in college. Some of them are able to overcome it with talent and/or hardwork, many of the guys you listed were not.

Some of the guys you mentioned had outstanding college careers, they just never made it to the NBA because they STUPIDLY came out early because of their high school hype or the NBA didn't think they had would it took to play in their league. I would say the following guys fit in that category:

Frank Williams
Erick Barkley
Ted Dupay-was very good at Florida, just had a gambling problem

Joe Forte
Lavell Blanchard
Kenny Satterfield
Dermarr Johnson-wasn't great at Cincy, but was a high lottery pick because of the high school hype
Brian Cook

Andre Barrett
Darius Rice-don't know why the NBA didn't like him..he was a great scorer at Miami, 6-9 and could hit 3's!!
Omar Cook

Dejuan Wagner- was a lottery pick after leading Memphis in scoring as a freshman
Julius Hodge
Rashaad Carruth-he was the leading scorer at the school he transferred to(name escapes me)
James White
Daniel Ewing
Chris Thomas

Rashaad McCants-he became a bust in the NBA, but was great at UNC
Bracey Wright
Anthony Roberson
Dee Brown
Hassan Adams
Torin Francis

Drew Lavender- struggled at Oklahoma and was outstanding at Xavier
Shannon Brown-I put him on this list because he was considered the 2nd best guard(behind Lebron) and wasn't the stud everyone expected at Michigan State. He made it to the NBA though

Darius Washington

Tasmin Mitchell
Brandon Costner- was great as a freshman, his skills somehow left him for the next 2 years
Eric Devendorf

Jon Scheyer
Scottie Reynolds

The rest of the guys on the list were just not very good after they left high school. Guys like Derrick Rose, Mike Beasley and John Wall make it seem like the transition from high school to college is very easy, but its very difficult for most players.

About Sean Dockery, I watched him on that show Preps and he said he had no outside shot while at Julian HS, that weakness caused him to be a role player at Duke. In high school, he was athletic and quick enough to cover up not having an outside shot. Defenses in the ACC were too good for him to overcome that and Duke had great guards that were better than him. He probably should have transferred to another school where he would have gotten more of an opportunity

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Chris Thomas made the mistake

Chris Thomas made the mistake of not leaving when had all the hype in the world surrounding him. He went back and didn't play as well so people ignored him. He went undrafted and I haven't seen a thing about him ages. I think the last thing I saw was that he was playing in a Russian league but that was a few years ago.

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I just hooped with Chris

I just hooped with Chris Thomas and Jason Gardner the other day.

Chris is still playing overseas and Jason Gardner doesn't have a contract as of right now. He says he might be done playing overseas.

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I had 0 idea Byron Eaton was

I had 0 idea Byron Eaton was a Mickey D's guy. He was a great PG in the Big 12 from the conference slate of his Jr. year until he graduated. He was a bit chubby, but he was quick and he made plays in the clutch. Loved watching him play

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I'd always liked Byron Eaton

I'd always liked Byron Eaton ever since I watched him in the 8th grade AAU Nationals in Orlando. They played against Josh McRoberts' team in the Finals.

Tough, strong, quick and had great handles. He was clutch then too lol. He made like 5 plays in the 4th quarter that won that game.

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Out of all the players on the

Out of all the players on the list that didn't have an NBA career, the most surprising one to me is Darius Rice. That guy was 6'10 and was a good 3 pointer, he was like Rashard Lewis. He was a very good player for the Miami Hurricanes, but after that, I couldn't figure out why he didn't have an NBA career.

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Neil Fingleton-UNC My God,

Neil Fingleton-UNC

My God, does anybody remember this guy? It's amazing that he was voted a McDonald's All-American. Apparently he's in the D-League:

He's HUGE...but that's it. No hands, no skill, no athleticism.

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Why is Scottie Renalds on

Why is Scottie Renalds on this list?..He was one of the best players to ever come out of villi..An give it a couple of years he could develop into a rotation player. Schyer had a great college career also and left with a national chip he will have a great career overseas!

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Omar Cook. One of the great

Omar Cook. One of the great guards to come out of NYC. Went to Christ the King HS in Queens. Starred for the hometown school at St. Johns for one season. Prematurely entered the NBA draft after a good freshman year where he averaged 15.3 ppg and 8.7 apg along with 2.3spg. However at that point he wasn't physically or mentally prepared for what the NBA game entailed. Listened to the hype machine from hometown locals and friends and decided to put his name in anyway. Was a 2nd round pick but he didn't stick there and just bounced around teams and had a stint in the D-League before eventually settling in Europe. Just another story of someone entering the draft too soon, as he could've spent more time working on decision making, his shooting, which was subpar, and just his overall game, while gaining more experience.

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Any take on Marcus

Any take on Marcus Taylor????? He was donned the next big thing to go to Michigan St.

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Marcus Taylor's hype coming into Michigan St is basically what Kyrie Irving is to Duke today. Taylor was suppose to lead Michgan St. to atleast a championship, thats how high exceptions were for Taylor.

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I thought Taylor was better

I thought Taylor was better than Duhon IMO, he even had Magic praising him as the next big thing to come through. He came out too early, but he had a helluva freshman season to raise his stock. The only thing was he didn't capitalize on his sophomore year season, which probably hurt him.
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